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This weekend!  Will be forever in my heart. My head can’t quite process what has happened, I can only go with what I am feeling.  After such devastating news on Friday, Sisterhood seemed all the more poignant to me, to bring together women, to care, inspire and encourage each other.  Only love will prevail, and in my own little way I hope that Saturday evening eased hearts of those who were joining me and those who followed our journey.  Before the event I was messaged by Mel Wiggins via facebook who felt compelled to share these amazing words of support;

‘today at Sisterhood is a protest of beauty, creativity & community in a world of fear, cruelty and separation and that is massively worth doing. Have the BEST day, I just wish I could be there. Mel.’

Such beautiful words, and so thoughtful to reach out and say it.  Thank you Mel, for your kindness and inspiration.  You are so so right.

This post, isn’t about SISTERHOOD, it isn’t about bombings, hate or fear, it is about people reaching out and caring for one another.  Showing that they love one another is so so important.

I just wanted to say thank you to all of those who came to our supper, those who helped (my SISTERS), those who supported behind the scenes (Dan), those who gave up their time and money in producing beautiful items for our guests, those who reached out and whispered words of encouragement and support.  You are loved and appreciated.

And also thank you to those people who have knocked me, thought it right to email their differences of opinion, to block me on social media and make me second guess everything I do. You people make me stronger, so thank you.

When I can put down in words all that this beautiful event has given me, I will of course write it here. But in the meantime… let’s all just be kind to each other.


  • I’m all for feeling and sharing the kindness and good vibes. Let’s do it. The Seasonal Supper looked wonderous and I can’t wait until we see another event popping up in our inboxes and social media feeds. X

  • Love your words here Lou… The Sisterhood supper soothed my soul, warmed my heart and made me smile. Thank you for the togetherness we all shared on Saturday. It was a real joy to be a part of such a magical evening and I can’t wait to do it all again :) x

  • Poo to the nay sayers – the whole event looked truly beautiful and inspirational. Women need to support each other – if we don’t we make the advancement of women so much more difficult. Here is to kindness and much more love. The world needs it more than ever now x

  • Kindness is king! Congrats on making your first sisterhood supper such a lovely success.

  • It looked an absolutely gorgeous and inspritional event and you should be really proud. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had some flak. Sometimes people pay lip service to their passion for collaboration and supporting others, but as long as you know who your ‘tribe’ are, you’ll be always be golden.

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