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There is a lot of talk of the Scandi word ‘hygge’ at the moment.  I suppose the need to nest and hibernate when the weather is freezing is a natural thing to do.  They (the Danish) may have a special word for it, but they don’t have exclusive rights to being cosy. Nope, we’ve all been doing it for years!  This weekend, I indulged in that act, deeply.

This weekend, we visited the farm to gather our winter supply of logs.  It is one of my favourite things to do at this time of year.  This farm is where we have cut and harvested our Christmas tree in the past, but now he only sells logs.  Dan and I have been coming here since before the boys were born, and have always dreamt that this farm would be ours one day.  It’s just so bloody gorgeous!

Littlegreenshed UK Lifestyle & Travel Blog - Weekends Collected

This year, Charlie came with us. Helping us load bag after bag of heavy logs into the boot of our estate.  It’s times like this that I am glad I have a strong 9 year old to help with us, and I have a beaten up Estate car to carry the load.  The owner of the farm, an elderly man in his 70’s, still cuts all this wood by hand.  What a legend!

After log day! We wandered around Ashton Court for a while enjoying the sunshine.  Rufus was at party in the nearby sports centre, so we passed an hour soaking up the sun, whilst we still had some. I tried out my new Clarks walking shoes.  (more about these on another post).

Littlegreenshed UK Lifestyle & Travel Blog - Weekends Collected

Saturday evening I was immersed in a wintery wonderland.  Cathy, Laura, Emma and I visited Wick Court for their Winter Soiree.  What a beautiful home, with beautiful people.  A few mulled wines later, we were ready for the seasonal holidays.  Talking about Christmas parties, and fun days out together.  I love these friends so much.  My gals, my SISTERS!

Littlegreenshed UK Lifestyle & Travel Blog - Weekends Collected

Sunday, well I just didn’t leave the house.  Some proper snuggling occurred.  Fire roaring, watching Princess Mononoke with the boys.  Roast dinner and love.  My perfect weekend.

  • Beckie Eschle (@beckieeschle)

    Great post – looks like a lovely day x

  • neil

    alot of wood for the winter just in time