A natural mid-winter – solstice…


At the end of November, the first Sunday of Advent to be precise, my pal Laura and I launched a brand new hashtag over on Instagram – #anaturalmidwinter.  A celebration of Winter, with a bit of a pagan spin on it.  Natural decorations, woodland walks, gathering of fire wood, making gifts, lighting candles and loving this magical time of year.

Laura and I have been overwhelmed by the response, in just a few weeks there are already over 1000 posts under the tag.  And seeing that today is actually the winter solstice, I thought I would share some of my favourite images.

Top Row:  CatestHill / sinadelymonadey / Thislittlecorner.  Middle Row:  Thesefourwalls / KatGoldin / Lapinblu.  Bottom Row:  _emmabradshaw / ffionmckeown / Xantheb


Top Row:  fleandbear / wealdblog /  Katyhuttonprints.   Middle Row:  31chapellane / Elifcet / natalielw.   Bottom Row: erinallisonclaire1 / Thewoodlandwife / littlesleep

Wreaths have of course made an appearance, so much so that we launched a further hashtag #anaturalmidwinter_wreath.  A celebration of all things circular and green.

This evening, at home, we are having a mid-winter feast of a beef casserole with dumplings, sweet potato mash and lots of wine.  Candles will be lit in all the rooms, and the fire in the lounge will roar.  My inner pagan will be well and truly nurtured.

  • I have only just got into instagram and I love looking at the #anaturalmidwinter posts.
    Thanks Lou and Laura for this hashtag :) Happy solstice and have a great Christmas x

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