Advent calendar 2015…

Littlegreenshed UK Lifestyle & Travel Blog - Advent Calendar 2015

Towards the middle of November I always have ‘Advent block’.  I want to make something unique, beautiful and treasured, but never can think of how to do it.  I try not to worry as inspiration will always strike.

In the past I have used a branch and tied little parcels in brown paper to it, used white boxes and woodland creatures to make a pretty mid-winter scene, and last year I used an embroidery hoop and dark navy linen to make a night time scene.

After looking through other advent creations on Instagram, I realised that most were making a mash up of everyone elses. I suppose there aren’t too many ways to wrap up chocolates are there really?  Not suggesting my ideas are wholly original, but it made me want to make something that was intrinsically Lou and contained memories of our family.

Littlegreenshed UK Lifestyle & Travel Blog - Advent Calendar 2015

So, the Advent crown was born.  Inspiration struck! At last!  Ideas were taken from the old Blue Peter tinselled advent crown and the large wreath I made for Sisterhood Winter Supper.

Here is how I made it…

Littlegreenshed UK Lifestyle & Travel Blog - Advent Calendar 2015

You will need:

  • large hoop (I used a metal wreath hoop)
  • greenery (I used a mix of twigs, olive leaves and asparagus fern)
  • String
  • Acrylic thread
  • White match boxes (bought from ebay)
  • White card stars (bought from ebay)
  • White goose feathers (from ebay)
  • Gold acrylic paint
  • Baubles (these white fir cones are from ikea)
  • Memories from home

To make it:

  • Attach your greenery to your hoop using wire and then string it up to hang from the ceiling.  I have strung mine from our light fitting, taking the shade and bulb away and looping it up.
  • Once the wreath/crown is up, you can then add your bits and pieces.
  • I painted the tips of the white feathers gold using the acrylic paint, and then strung them with acrylic wire through the quill tip.
  • In the white match boxes I put a small chocolate and a note – this could be a memory, a day trip, an activity.
  • On a little card star I penned a number using my calligraphy pen and ink
  • Then I looked around the house for inspiration and added dried seed heads, old postcards, a small apothecary bottle, photos of Christmas past.

Littlegreenshed UK Lifestyle & Travel Blog - Advent Calendar 2015

For this crown I kept it to just 3 colours, white, gold and green.  But you can add whatever you like.  Over the weeks I will add more little boxes with numbers, I didn’t want the crown to look crowded.

Once advent is over, the crown will remain as a table centre piece (it hangs over our dining table), adding gingerbread stars and more baubles.

I hope you like it!  (please excuse the photography, it’s so gloomy at the moment! and difficult to take perfect shots – hopefully I can take better ones later).

  • I love this! Might make it just as a centrepiece as advent has already begun. Where did you source the wire hoop from? Clever you x

    • Hi Polly, Hannah Bullivant sourced it for SISTERHOOD. I think it was online somewhere, but I’ll have to check. I think they are inexpensive. Lou xx

  • So pretty! This year I haven’t made an advent calendar (we have some very over-exiciting Lego and Playmobil ones), but I have created a kindness branch instead, where we do things in reverse and tie a ribbon on each day.

    • Oh a kindness branch, what a lovely idea. My two also have Star Wars advent calendars, it’s not all about the pretty in our house :(

  • This is so lovely Lou! I don’t do advent calendars, but I like the idea of making a Yule crown…thanks for the inspiration! x

  • Such a lovely idea! I love that it’s hangng, so it’s decorative, yet still out of the way ❤️ And those white cones! I would never have guessed IKEA!

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