Looking back and forward to 2016…


2015 wowee. It was a goodun.  In 2015 my word for the year was – BLOOM.  I think, looking back over this past year, bloom was the most perfect word.  My work grew from strength to strength, Littlegreenshed grew up, bloomed, flowered and stretched.

At the start of 2015, I sketched out a few hopes and dreams.  To travel abroad, to connect, to push my work into fulfilling directions.

Looking back – wow, these hopes and dreams came true, with some incredible travel opportunities, road trips and flights abroad.  I launched SISTERHOOD, connected with some incredibly talented women and in doing this fulfilled some of my ambitions; to host suppers and work with one of my all time favourite brands – TOAST.

So – what will 2016 bring? Could it possibly be as fulfilling as 2015?  So, what will my word be for 2016?  I’ve been spinning words and ideas around my head these past few days.

Words like: aim, prospect, grow, adventure, build, fly… all of these words, are the words – but which word is the one? Is there just one?

We have so many dreams, so many things we wish to achieve.  Our main dream is to buy a small plot of land and to build a cabin, a bolt hole and a place to work and create.  Dan and I want to travel to learn from experienced craftspeople the skills we need to make a space ourselves.  We also wish to build on our community and to connect with like-minded people.

With these things in mind I feel my word should be about exploration, building on our solid foundations and sprinkle it all with magic… there isn’t one word that can describe all of that.

So instead I want to project a notion, a feeling… it’s exciting to look forward and plan for the future… who knows we could make it happen, couldn’t we? And if we don’t, it’s fun to try.

Happy New Year dear friends… wishing you all a magical 2016

I do want to thank everyone for their continued love and support.  Your comments & emails are so appreciated.  Thank you for being there.


  • Well done on such a great 2015 and here’s to an even better 2016. I love reading your posts and I look forward to seeing where the new year takes you.

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