Sisterhood – Winter Supper…


Good things happen when a group of creative, clever women come together.  The unbreakable bonds, the deep connection and the sharing that happens – SISTERLY vibes of love and appreciation.

Back in early November our first SISTERHOOD supper was held here in Bristol, UK.  I shall try to put it all into words…

It all started with an idea.  A mid-winter supper with a gathering of friends in an abandoned style building. Rustic, raw, with industrial touches.  The Forge provided a perfect backdrop for this.  My vision was for candle light, crisp white linens and minimal foliage, keeping a very paired back feel.  Green and white – with little use of flowers.

xantheberkeley_SISTERHOODSUPPER_3_1 xantheberkeley_SISTERHOODSUPPER_10_1 xantheberkeley_SISTERHOODSUPPER_2_1 xantheberkeley_SISTERHOODSUPPER_14_1

Our supper was in collaboration with my all time favourite clothing brand – TOAST.  I couldn’t be more delighted that they were keen to be involved.  I can’t think of a better brand to be connected with, and believe our ethos is so closely aligned.  I believe that the modern ‘TOAST’ woman is also a SISTER too.

TOAST provided the supper with many beautiful props, including their iconic beeswax dinner candles, spruce scented ceramic candles, sheepskin rugs and of course each SISTER had an apron each to wear.

With the collaboration with TOAST and my vision for the supper, I passed the styling baton over to Hannah Bullivant to produce a beautiful space, along with the much appreciated help of florist, Erin Trezise.


Hannah, arrived Friday lunch time and met myself, Erin and Silkie at her beautiful building, The Forge.  Erin bought with her buckets of menthol and spruce scented greenery which we weaved into wreaths and garlands to dress the space.  Our hands gently busy we chatted about the next day – all excited and eager to get started.

The following morning the brilliant Xanthe arrived to document the day.  Such a breath of fresh air, she breathed life into our plans, photographing every little detail for us to remember. Thank you Xanthe, for being so effortlessly wonderful in all that you do.


Soon many of my SISTERS arrived to help in the set up, and 3pm arrived in a flash.  Finishing a final sweep of fallen leaves before our first guests arrived.

xantheberkeley_SISTERHOODSUPPER_34_1 xantheberkeley_SISTERHOODSUPPER_74_1

Stepping into the space were women who had travelled from all over the country.  The dismal rainy day was replaced by laughter and joy as these wonderful women all settled down to workshops.

xantheberkeley_SISTERHOODSUPPER_159_1 xantheberkeley_SISTERHOODSUPPER_134_1 xantheberkeley_SISTERHOODSUPPER_153_1

Flower Crowns by Erin, and upstairs – modern calligraphy by Lucy of Quill London.

Initially strangers, laughter ensued and firm friends were being made. Stories shared and secrets told as the afternoon progressed.  All helped by the gentle craft of pen and ink or the weaving of flowers.

xantheberkeley_SISTERHOODSUPPER_174_1How lucky were we to have Claire Thomson to cook for us.  Not only has she written a spectacular recipe book – but she has recently appeared on the Saturday Kitchen and is currently in a theatre production in London – cooking for children on stage!

Claire’s three course feast was a autumnal delight, we started with a delicious spiced plum fizz cocktail, and from behind the curtain I could here the guests gasp at the taste.  Soon it was time to reveal the dining area (previously hidden behind a linen curtain from view).


xantheberkeley_SISTERHOODSUPPER_192_1 xantheberkeley_SISTERHOODSUPPER_191_1


xantheberkeley_SISTERHOODSUPPER_206_1 xantheberkeley_SISTERHOODSUPPER_208_1

Three courses – each a taste sensation, each one unique and full of Autumnal flavours. Starting with butternut squash and soft creamy buffalo mozzarella. Followed by a rich ribollita (Italian bean stew) served with foccacia bread and Italian sausage.  Desert, a rich hazelnut cake with marscapone and poached pear.


Magic. Sparkling. Laughter. Candle light. Delicious food. Fabulous company. SISTERS.

You can live it all – by watching this beautiful film by Xanthe Berkeley:

SISTERHOOD CAMP – WINTER SUPPER 2015 from xanthe berkeley on Vimeo.


Want to join us in Spring?

Secure your place at our table.

More details can be found here:
Eventbrite - SISTERHOOD Supper - Spring


Thank you to everyone who came, and those who gave up their time to help.

SISTERHOOD founder – Lou Archell

Stylist – Hannah Bullivant

Florist – Erin Trezise

Photography – Xanthe Berkeley

Location – The Forge (thank you Silkie & Si)

Food – Claire Thomson

Floral Workshop – Erin Trzise

Calligraphy Workshop – Quill


Laura Pashby James

Cathy Jolliffe

Emma Bradshaw

Hels Martin

Also thank you to TOAST, Bristol Vintage, Linen me & Lights for Fun.

And to the beautiful independent companies who gave items for the goody bags.

  • Hi Lou,
    That is great news, i will book the sisterhood. i am working on my courage to take the leap! Thank you for your encouragement.
    Irene x

  • Just thought, maybe checking what l have written before l post might help!! L = I and start = start!!

  • Hi Lou,
    I have followed your blog for years now and would love to take the dive and start my own. I have so many ideas, l do not know where to star! Anyway my question is this, l would love to attend the spring Sisterhood, is it open to anyone or do you have to have a blog?

    Kind Regards

    Irene Kemp

    • Hello Irene, Oh start your blog :) It’s the best thing I have ever done. And SISTERHOOD is open to all. Do come. xx

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