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The winter break is a fantastic opportunity to relax and go on holidays. When it comes to winter breaks, it always comes with a lot of fun.  Think snow, mountains and some amazing activities. Not forgetting roaring fires, hot toddies and snugly furs and fondue!

Here are a few to make your winter trip a memorable one:


1.Build an igloo

If you are planning to make a trip to Southern French Alps, plan to build an igloo in the snow for yourself.  Not an easy task, but the deep snow in the Alps will form into ‘bricks’ which can be formed into an igloo shape.  Once done, why not have a little winter picnic inside. Apart from building up an igloo, you will find a number of activities for this winter in and around Ecrins national park. The activities are based on point system. You can go for ski-joering, paragliding, ice-climbing, snake sledging, snow-scooting, as well as traditional activities like snowshoeing and ski touring.

2.Sleep in a snowball
Have you ever thought of sleeping inside the snowball? well, in Jokkmokk, Sweden, you can. All the snowballs are specially made by sculptors who have years of experience in the field. Inside the snowball it is cosy and warm with reindeer skin and thermal sleeping bags to protect the people from extreme climate. I would still recommend wearing good quality thermal clothes will help you to keep yourself warm in the -5C. Why not try going for these: Quiksilver vouchers.

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3.A stay in ice hotel
Transylvania is know for it’s gothic architecture and of course Count Dracula! If you are planning to go on a trip there, then you must definitely stay in the ice hotel. On the shores of Lake Balea the hotel is rebuilt every year using the ice from the lake. The place has been made warm by using layers of mattresses, blankets, fur and polar sleeping bags.

4.Snowshoe tour
Any plans to visit Switzerland? Here you will find the rescue dog breeds called as St Bernards that were first bred in the monastery of St Bernard. In the beginning, these dogs were used as guide dogs, but their ability to smell and capability to walk in the ice made them be treated later as rescue dogs. A two-day trip is arranged by the Icicle Mountaineering along with a night stay in the monastery. The monastery is still run by the monks. Here you will find dogs that will take you for a walk in the snow during your two-day trip.

5.Get wet in the geothermal pool
Now visit Slovakia for a family trip. A family adventure company in Zuberec, provides excursions like a trip to the thermal spa, lunch with a Slovak family, sledding, a night enjoying the local music and a walk to a frozen waterfall. The best thing about this place is the geothermal pools. It is an ideal place for parents to relax while kids will get a chance to enjoy the artificial waves. So if you planning your next winter trip, do remember this place.


6.Winter walking
The highlands in Scotland can be an ideal place if you are planning a winter walking. You can go to the Cairngorms national park and walk for hours in the snow. You will also get the chance to look around and enjoy the stunning views of Cairngnorm mountains. Last but not the least, you can have the best meal from the locals and enjoy their hospitality.

7.Husky tour in the snow
Have you anytime thought of moving through the white landscape of forests along with a team of huskies? Now this can be made possible during your trip to Kuusamo region of Finland. Here you will find husky rides offered by the inns at the border of Finland and Russia and in the Arctic region. The huskies have the capability to cover 20-40 miles in a day and, therefore, you will get a good chance for sightseeing. So don’t be surprised if you spot a reindeer, snow grouse or elk.

8.Go for mountaineering course
In Snowdonia of Wales, the National Mountain Sports centre is carrying out courses for the people who are interested in outdoor activities. So if you are into mountaineering, you can go for the Welsh Mountaineering course which teaches some skills to make the adventure more awesome. Here you will learn winter navigation tips, to use ice axes and crampons, avalanche prediction and emergency bivouacking skills. They have theory classes which are accompanied by practical lessons. So this can turn out to be a fun time in the snow.

Oh I am so looking forward to the Winter holidays and firmly hope for snow.  I really would love to go to the alps and ski – how wonderful!!!

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