Charlie You Tubes his new Kano Computer

Littlegreenshed Kano review

When I was a kid I made a Blue Peter desk tidy from Oxo boxes and sticky backed plastic.  Why don’t You persuaded me to “…turn off the tv set, and try something less boring instead.”  You could argue that today’s You Tube stars are showing kids that they can make a TV show about anything they like.  Our favourite tubes are the ones that teach us something, or show us something new.

Kano sent us their wonderful computer kit, which is based on the Raspberry Pi.  Before we quite realised what was happening, Charlie was turning the dining room in to a TV studio, ready to record the un-boxing and demonstrate the content of the kit.

Littlegreenshed Kano review

Everyone wants their child to learn how to code, right?  Well, the Kano is a fun and inexpensive way to give your child a computer they can build for themselves.  The operating system is a triumph of junior simplicity and introduces users to the music coding app Sonic Pi, coding apps Scratch and Python and the holy grail of 10 year old coding: Minecraft Pi (where you can actually modify Minecraft).  Each app has tutorials and there are points to score and badges to earn. The online community encourages sharing and collaboration and sets regular challenges to expand the tutorials further.  Dig a little further online, and you’ll find tutorials showing you how to turn your Raspberry Pi computer in to a little Robot, or a media streaming platform or a web server, or any number of bonkers creations.

So, back to Charlie and his fledgling You Tube career.  The kitchen table had been repositioned next to the wall, and he is sat waiting for us to film his show.  It took Charlie 12 minutes to record his first You Tube and build his first computer.  Sure, the camera is a bit wobbly, and the sound levels aren’t great, but Charlie bashed this video out in one take.  The final time lapse edit comes in at 3.33.

I’d love to know what you think of his first attempt.

We think that the Kano is perfect for kids and adults alike.  A great way to learn the basics of coding.

You can purchase your own Kano here.

Author: Dan Taylor

Collaboration Note:  We were sent a Kano computer for the purpose of this review.  All words, images and opinions are our own.

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