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It’s been a full on week.  A weekend full of family visits, 40th Birthday celebrations. Then travelling Eastward to Hertfordshire to my dear Nana’s funeral.  Then home to celebrate Charlie’s 10th birthday.

Emotions of extremes.  Sobbing openly in the church during my nana’s service, then talking about her life, childhood and memories with my cousins and family.  Both traumatic and uplifting at the same time.  Bittersweet.

Then to hurry back, full of smiles to celebrate Charlie’s milestone birthday.  My big boy is 10. Where we celebrated by festooning the house with cheerful yellow streamers, and eating delicious burgers for supper.

This week has left me emotional drained, and utterly exhausted.

Right now, here and now, as I sit here. I wish to be surrounded by the gentle healing vibes of plants in a beautiful Victorian glasshouse.  Perhaps sipping fresh mint tea and eating a wholesome salad.

Time for rest, reflection and time to heal.

  • Sorry to hear about your Nana. I hope this coming brings you less stress and emotions, it seems that January can be a rather busy and emotional time for many of us.

  • Your Nan’s funeral sounds very much like my beloved Gran’s. She was 90 when she died, so had a ‘good innings’ as they say. The funeral was bittersweet; obviously we wept because we would miss her and loved her, but it was also a celebration of a life lived well. She died 9 years ago and would have been 100 this year. We still miss her. As I’m sure you will miss your Nan. We can count our lucky stars that we had them for so long though. xxx

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