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PhotoGrid_1451902377654Monday. It’s just me, sitting here, in the deafening silence. The kids have returned to school and Dan is working, painting the interior of a house today.  It all seems so quiet.  Even the cats have disappeared, up the garden and beyond.

I had every intention to jump back into work with gusto. But instead I have decided to take it slow.  For Christmas I received the best gift from Dan, a new lens for my DSLR, a 50mm, and so far I am loving experimenting with it.

So that is my plan this week, to play with my camera, remember how to use it again.  After 6 months of just using my phones camera, it feels good to be playing with ISO and aperture again.

Anyway, I digress.  This post was about four of my favourite instagram feeds of last year, and ones I think you will love too.  They are (clockwise from top left):


Based in Paris, Cecile shares beautiful images of her home city, life with her large family and lots of cups of tea.  Her feed is elegant, rich and oh so French.


Based in the Italian mountains, Katrien’s feed shares her life with her twin toddler boys.  Expect gorgeous knitwear, mountain scenes and waldorf inspired homelife.


A new favourite for me.  It’s all about the cabin.  And with over 271,000 followers, it seems that there are lots of us who love a cabin in the woods too.


Sweden.  Lots of rich, dark colours.  Food shots and snowy scenes.  This feed is my all time favourite, for now!

I hope you like January’s four favourite feeds.  Who do you like to follow?  Please leave me a comment, so I can find them too.

  • Ah love this! I remember these from last year please do keep it up as it’s so great seeing new inspirational accounts :)

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