Moodboard // Blush pink…

Mood board - blush pink

Pantone launched ‘rose quartz’ as one of their colours for 2016, yes, I am so with this.  It’s the soft pink on the horizon at sunset, the palest of roses, the colour of fresh plastered walls. So soft so gentle.

I’m not a girlie girl, preferring to wear skinny jeans to floaty dresses, and pink is most definitely lacking from my wardrobe and home.  But, saying that, I am hugely drawn to this soft blush pink colour.  Looking through my Pinterest pins, I am seeing I am pinning more and more of this pretty colour.  Anything from flowers, textures, soft furnishings and velvet sofas.

So, how will I be introducing blush pink into my life.  Starting slowly, a velvet cushion or muted pink cashmere jumper.  Are you embracing this years colour?

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