Moodboard // Raw, earthy and white…

Littlegreenshed Friday moodboard

This time of year I am all about making the most of the light, what little there is.  Craving white everything.  But not starchy white, or crisp Scandi interiors. I am after earthy tones, raw textures and bleached bone white.

I’ve been pinning a lot of these images over on Pinterest recently.  Getting lost in all kinds of off white, taupes, muted grey tones.  Colours that echo the Winter landscape, think foggy moorlands, naked silver birch and icy lakes.

At home, I have embraced this ‘raw’ styling, by making the most of my many dried seed heads, bringing them to the fore in my decorating.  I’ve found an old wooden picture frame and hung it over the log burner, and have white pebbles and crystals piled up in jars and bowls on the mantel.

I plan to share a Friday moodboard each week.  You can join in with me over on Instagram by using the hashtag #myfridaymoodboard.  Please do share what is inspiring you at the moment. I can be a collection of images from Pinterest, your own images or things you have at home.  I can’t wait to see what you have.

All images are via Pinterest.

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