Nature in the home // 2016…

Nature in the home

My beautiful collaborative link up #natureinthehome is now entering it’s 5th year!  Five years!  2016 will see it hopefully grow and continue, it is such an important part of my life, that I don’t want to see it end.

Nature in the home will continue as a collaborative hashtag over on instagram, and I shall share my favourite images here on the blog at the end of each month.  Some months may have a prize donated by a company, of which I shall announce their involvement on Instagram.  In the past, winners have won a vase, an industrial look trolley, cosy bed linen and more.

So what is new for 2016?  Well, I am hoping to interview a few of my favourite people about how they display their nature in the home.  Starting next week, with a beautiful tour!  Exciting!

In the meantime, please keep tagging your found, foraged, grown or bought items from nature with #natureinthehome.