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These dark winter days need to be lit up.  At home I crave light from sunshine through the windows, to fairy lights adorning my kitchen shelves.  Landing lights, table lamps and floor lamps are left on all day on particularly gloomy days.  Good lighting on grey days is so needed, but what will our energy bill be like?

Dan is slowly changing all of our bulbs from halogen to LED, low cost, low energy and they last for years.  But I’m not keen the cold light they emit, preferring the warm glow of an Edison bulb. Style over substance, that’s me

Recently, I bought a clip on lamp from Ikea for the corner of our lounge.  Stylish and discrete, this little lamp has lit up the corner with a soft warm glow.  Little did I know that the bulb from Ikea is in fact an LED one.  Mind blown, so I can have warmth and style and Dan can have energy efficiency – win win!

I’m now ready to replace all our other bulbs (once they die) to these little beauties.  Doing our bit for the planet.  Now I just need to be weaned off my tumble dryer addiction and all will be well.

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  • We are changing our light bulbs to LED as well. In fact we have added a few of the “canned” LED lights in strategic spots in our ceiling. I like the more true to life color they emit. It’s so much better for choosing fabric and thread for my quilting!

  • Have a look at the dry soon electric airers from Lakeland. I rarely use my tumble dryer now. Not rock and roll but satisfying.

  • As long as you go with low-ish wattage LEDS you should be fine! (No more than 40 watt) I have this clip lamp too and I love it, it looks perfect in your little nook.

  • The dark gloomy days are always the worst. I really need to start looking into replacing my bulbs with leds, I have thought about it for a while but after this post I am going to seriously start looking!

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