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“Craft the life you want to live”

Our mantra for 2016.

This year, instead of choosing one word for the year. I came up with a mantra.  Over the past few weeks I’ve been mulling over thoughts and ideas for 2016.  What is our end goal. Where would we like to be.  In so, to achieve that, whatever it may be, it has to be down to us to make it happen.  No-one is going to give us a pot of money (please someone just do that! ;)

If we want to achieve our goals then Dan and I need to make it, build it, learn it – craft it.

Craft is the best possible word for us.  It doesn’t mean glue, wool and glittery paper.  No, to Dan and I it means to learn the skills we need to develop ourselves to become the best possible us. And in turn we shall hopefully achieve our end goal.

So what is our end goal… I don’t suppose we will ever reach an end, because that would be final, and then what would we do?!  As the old cliché goes – it’s all about the journey!

Over the coming months I hope to share some of our ‘life crafting’ – to see how things take shape. I’m starting with my photography and styling. I hope to make it better, by taking a few courses and developing my style.  I let you know how it goes.

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