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Unrelenting heat beating down on you, drinks on the beach, the feeling of complete calm and the distant sounds of Latin American rhythms. These are the things I think of when I imagine Cuba. I’ve written a lot of posts recently about the beauty of snow-capped mountains and the draw of log-burning fires, but now that the magic of the Christmas is over, I’m leaning more towards the warmth of summer. It turns out that Cuba has a lot more to offer though – there are many unique experiences to enjoy, which is why it’s made it firmly onto my list of places to visit – and soon.

Take a look…

littlegreenshed blog - travel cuba

Personality in bucket-loads

I always want to find something unique and quirky about the places I visit, for them to have character, and Cuba ticks every box where that is concerned. The classic cars, the mottled, peeling paint from the brightly coloured buildings, the historic architecture and colonial mansions – it’s like looking into a different era!

Just looking at pictures of Havana make me want to pack up and go. It’s one of the most unique cities in the world, and Old Havana was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982. I am looking forward to walking through the 1950s city, taking in the sensual splendour, transfixed by the energy of the of the capital before walking along the beautiful harbour. I think my camera will break from overload.

Friendly folk

A lot of destinations tend to lose their local warmth when they become overcrowded by tourists and saturated by gift-shops, but Cuba has managed to retain it’s charm and it’s welcoming spirit. There seems to be something contagious about Cuban culture too. I’ve noticed it’s influence everywhere recently in bars and restaurants across the nation, but I prefer to soak it up from the locals themselves, and there is a lot to take in! Not only the vibrancy of their festivals, but the likes of Salsa and Rumba that originated here, not to mention the huge variety of other types of music and dance that attract so many culture vultures.

Getting back to nature

You probably know by now that I love getting back to my roots – any of my glamping posts should tell you that! But I had no idea about the tropical riches you can find in Cuba – it’s a gem of natural beauty! From it’s lush tropical landscapes, to picturesque mountain ranges, and incredible wildlife, I can already see the Instagram posts. You can take part in tonnes of excursions and tours, which you can book with Grand American Adventures.

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