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With Valentine’s day only a few days away, this Friday’s moodboard is dedicated to LOVE / AMOUR.  Love – all aspects of it, young and old, friendship, soul mate, childhood and family.

Forgo red heart shaped balloons, over priced plastic looking red roses, cuddly toys and laced undies.  Instead hug, kiss passionately.  Tell wonderful stories of your time together, remember the little details.  Valentine’s isn’t about sex, it isn’t about the biggest bouquet of roses, it isn’t about expecting to be treated to something.  It is about cherishing and appreciating those beautiful people in your life who you love deeply.

Indulge in your most favourite things to do, linger over coffee, walk hand in hand through the woods.  Potter around the home.  Feast, home cooked glorious food.  Involved the kids, make heart shaped biscuits to give, send handmade cards to relatives.

Above all, spend time with the people you love.

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