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As promised a few weeks ago, I wanted to start a new series of house tours in connection with my link up #natureinthehome.  I thought it would be a lovely idea to show some of my favourite Instagrammers who regularly contribute to #natureinthehome already, but share in more detail how they style these pieces in their homes.

First up in this new series is my dear friend Heather Young.  Heather is a brilliant interiors stylist, and her tutorials, ideas and styling tips are always so fresh and innovative.  She is the reason I painted my dining room in charcoal grey!

I hope you love Heather’s style as much as I do…

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Hello, I’m Heather, and I live in a 1970s house in Berkshire with my husband and our six-year-old twins Esme and Alfie. I’ve worked as an interiors journalist and stylist for over 14 years. Since having the twins I’ve been freelance, and I launched my interiors and lifestyle blog, four years ago.

bedroom lights windowI’m definitely a fan of combining vintage and modern. I’m a car boot and charity shop junkie, and our home is full of vintage pieces that came from my grandparents’ house, from old trunks and suitcases, to an antique hot water bottle that I use as a vase! I combine these with modern elements such as our high gloss kitchen or the Nils Strinning String shelving in my office. Most of our walls are white, but I’m also rather partial to a feature wall – last year I painted one wall in our living room black and I love the drama it brings to the space.

string shelves vintage natureThe things that we’ve collected on weekend walks or holidays are always particularly special to me. I’m terrible at hoarding jars of shells or pebbles from the beach and I never fail to come home from a stomp in the woods with pockets full of treasures. I have some dried flowers that feature pretty regularly in my styling – my mum always brings me dried honesty from my parents’ garden, I have lots of little sprays of dried baby’s breath around the place, as well as dried sprigs of eucalyptus (my favourite thing to get from the florist).

shelf details white seed headdetails dresser glass bottleI like my Instagram feed to feel personal, and to reflect what we’ve been up to as a family, so it’s a mixture of shots of family life and then little still lives that I snap from around our house. I try to make sure they’re quite clean and not too cluttered so they offer a bit of breathing space in the business of everyday life. Natural light is a must, and if you find that you’re having to work too hard to make a shot ‘look right’ then it’s probably best just to leave it and walk away, rather than try to force it. I know that ideally you’re supposed to post at least one picture a day, but I try to only post when something inspires me. If I get too hung up on what I ‘should’ be doing then Instagram quickly loses its appeal, I do too much questioning and doubting and end up posting nothing at all!

succulents pots coffee tableI’m definitely drawn to darker, moodier colours during the winter months when it’s all about hunkering down and hibernating. I can see the change in my IG feed, too. As a family we spend lots of time outdoors, but we do venture out less during the winter. I adore the sunshine so in the summer it’s all about getting as much light into our home as I can, even if we’re out and about most of the time! And because we’re out more, we end up collecting more treasures, so the house fills up with little displays of things we’ve found – shells, dried grasses, sea glass. Our house is predominantly decorated in neutral tones, but there are accents of sea glass blue and yellow that I think I bring out and highlight a lot more during the spring and summer months.

shelf, feathers ceramic bottlesI love the texture and interest that nature adds to interiors – to me, a home with no nature feels cold and stark. Natural materials such as wood, stone or wool add warmth and individuality to a space because no two pieces are exactly the same.

Thank you Heather!  What a beautiful home you have created.  A girl after my own heart with collections of treasures found on adventures.  I need some more ceramic bottles so I have a collection like yours! So beautiful.

You can follow Heathers adventures here:

Blog: Growing Spaces

Instagram: Heatheryounguk

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