Nature in the Home // Winner of the Oggetto Home collab…

Nature in the home - Oggetto Home
Image by @tesslovesflowers

‘It’s up to you, to find the beauty in the ugliest of days’

February can be a bitch of month, although the shortest in number of days – it is the longest in it’s never ending gloom and bitter winds.  But as this quote suggests, it is up to us to find the light, the true beauty in all that surrounds us.  That was one of my main aims when I started #natureinthehome all those years ago, to bring that found beauty indoors.  To seek it, know it and to cherish it.

This month you did just that.  February gloom be gone! Such was the variety of entries into the #natureinthehome link up, from spring bulbs potted up in various vessels, to leafy cheese plants.  All and everything was included, I’ve just had a fun hour going through all of the entries.

Finally I discovered @Tesslovesflowers – Tess is based in Cornwall and her Instagram feed is full of beautiful beach side images and of course as her name suggests plenty of blooms.

Congratulations to Tess – I love the colours and ingenuity of this image.  Hanging bottles – yep, I’m in.  Tess will receive a hand thrown teapot and matching set of mugs from Oggetto Home.

Collaboration Note:  Thank you to Oggetto Home for collaborating with  me on this months #natureinthehome.  Tess wins a teapot and two matching mugs.