Readers Survey – I’d love to know more about you!…

Lou Archell Littlegreenshed Tulips

This March I will have been writing Littlegreenshed for six years!  It has flown.  During this time, Littlegreenshed has grown from a hobby, to a serious addiction and now finally I am making this blog my career (something I never thought possible, but so grateful for this opportunity).

Over the past six years, my writing style has changed, moving away from the boys and more onto Lifestyle and Travel.  I am sure that many of my original readers have moved on and I have gained others along the way – which is fine.

It occurred to me that I just don’t know that. I don’t really know much about who is reading the blog – apart from the very lovely comments I receive and the not so lovely criticism (again it’s all okay).

So, in order for me to find out about you, and to tailor Littlegreenshed to you, I have devised a short readers survey.  Not too long or deeply embarrassing questions – I’d just love to know about you and then I can make decisions on what to write about and what to ditch.

If you would like to help me out then please see the readers survey here: 

Please note this survey has now expired.  Thank you to everyone who has taken time to complete the survey.