Simple Loving! – Valentines Day edit…

Copy of 1Are you into Valentines?  I’m not.  I don’t actually see the point of declaring my love to my mister in an overly sentimental and highly over priced way.  I don’t need a day a year to kick me up the ass and say – ‘oh hey babe, I love you!’.  I’m lucky enough to know I can and he can say it every. single. day.

But, saying that, I do get Valentines day.  For the romantics in us all who wish to declare their undying love, that huge crush you may have on a co-worker or perhaps you just want to treat yourself – then please do it, you deserve it.

Anyway – rambling  a lot! I’ve pulled together a bit of LURVE edit, for those of you who fancy gifting to your loved one, your bestie or yourself this valentine.

So I am thinking all loved up ladies need the following….

And Dan, just ignore the first sentence I really want that bra! ;)