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Most of us dream of cruising around the world. It’s the ultimate traveller’s fantasy: the soft sway of the deck beneath your feet, a mild Mediterranean breeze blowing gently across your skin, and an expanse of clear water stretching off into the horizon, shoals of brightly coloured fish just visible beneath the surface.

With so many destinations to choose from, how do you go about finding the perfect cruise to suit you. Are you looking for paradise and warm tropical beaches or a cruise up the Fjords to visit the frozen north?  Here’s how to make sure you choose the perfect cruise for you…

1: Draw Up a Bucket List of Dream Destinations

The world is a big place, and there are so many beautiful destinations to visit. A cruise offers you the ideal opportunity to fit as many of them as you can into one holiday, so it’s important to take advantage and plot out where you would like to go. Spend some time leafing through travel brochures and perusing travel blogs, and make a list of all of the places you would most like to visit. Once you have this, start looking at your cruising options, to see which companies and itineraries cover the most of your dream destinations during their trips.

2: Think of the Vibe You’re Going For

The destinations that you visit are the most integral part of ensuring that you enjoy your dream holiday, but you’ll also be spending a lot of time aboard, so it’s important to find a ship and a cruise line that suits your personality and the people that you’re going with. Some enterprises will offer trips specially tailored to families, whilst others will seek to appeal to an older clientèle. These companies will offer varying entertainments and facilities to complement their target audiences, so make sure that you choose carefully. Do your research and find something to suit you, and you’ll never grow bored of staying on deck.

3: Create Your Own Itinerary

Once you’ve settled on a trip to suit you, spend a little time researching the various ports you’ll be stopping at. A lot of people find that it’s very enjoyable to plan out exactly which destinations within these cities they would like to visit, in order to maximise the experience of their time onshore. This will not only give you something to look forward to as you count down the days until you go, but will also ensure that you really do enjoy the holiday that.

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