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Bristol is a brilliant unique and vibrant City.  I may be biased as I love living here, but to me it is possibly the best place to live in the UK.  With its art scene, great outside spaces, independent shops and cafes, Bristol makes a fabulous weekend travel destination.

We were asked a few weekends ago to have a holiday in our own City and stay overnight at the Brooks Guest Housein particular to stay in one of their beautiful roof top air stream rocket vans.  We were totally excited, not only to stay in a retro rocket, but we could walk from home to our hotel!  Strange but cool!


So imagine our disappointment when Rufus was struck down with a sickness bug.  Poor boy.  So so poorly, he was so upset.  We took the family decision to not go, it would be too risky to take a vomiting child to a beautiful hotel, imagine the damage to those sheets!  And it would also be unfair for Rufus if Dan or I or Charlie went without him.

So we waved our opportunity to stay at this beautiful unusual hotel goodbye. HUMPF.  Hopefully one day we will get to stay and review this uber cool space in the future.

If you are interested in stay at Brooks Hotel in Bristol or perhaps wish to learn about some of the country’s most unusual places to stay please check out this great article by Travel Supermarket.

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  • Bristol is just down the drag and have been meaning to go and spend time there and discover the city – so would love to see your recommendations – and a rooftop airstream . . . irresistably cool!

  • What a shame, but I hope he is much better now. This does look absolutely amazing. I hope you get the chance again! I never explore my own city (Oxford) but actually really like the idea of doing that. I love the sound of Bristol. I have never spent much time there (just flying visits) but i’d love to.

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