Current pin obsession – Greenhouses…

summer greenhouse england

My name is Lou, and I am obsessed with greenhouses.  Visiting a garden, it will be the first place I gravitate towards.  The rich earthy smell of freshly toiled pots.  Tomatoes hanging from vines, exotic fruits like lemons or nectarines with their heady scent offer another worldy essence to this glassed heaven.

old greenhouse over grown

I love the splendour of Victorian glasshouses with tall reaching palms and damp misty air.  Their white painted iron work and leaded windows.  I also love simple greenhouses bought from the local DIY centre.  Rows of terracotta pots, and hand written labels in black sharpie pen.  Gloves lying in wait and a fork leaning against the work bench – the radio tuned to the archers.  Tools of the trade for the green fingered.

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  • What a great obsession to have! :)
    For someone who is perpetually cold, I especially love how warm greenhouses are! Have you been to Kew Gardens? I could spend weeks in the Palm House, it’s a greenhouse lover’s heaven! :) xxx

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