Garden makeover with B&Q – update…


So it’s been nearly a month since we have started on project #lgsgardenmakeover.  What has happened?  So since my first post back in February not much – but also quite a bit, if that makes sense?

Looking at the space, it doesn’t look like we’ve achieved anything, but it has taken us weeks to clear the space of rubble and dig out our old flower bed.  Gosh that was such hard work, digging thick clay mud in the rain, and lugging bags of it through the house and loading the car for the tip.  We must have been to the tip about 20 times so far, and there is still more to go!

garden makeover rubble wall

Last weekend we pulled down the old fence which was between our garden and the neighbours.  As it was our boundary fence (apparently the fence on the left is yours, who knew?).  Our neighbours wanted a standard garden fence to cover the brick wall and to have uniformity in their garden – to match the fence on the other side.  Gladly we obliged and Dan fitted the fence to the wall from their side.

new fence littlegreenshed garden

The orange coloured fence wasn’t our style, so I looked around for a cheap alternative to clad the fence from our side.  And my trusty DIY friend the scaffold plank came to the rescue.  Dan used 6 planks, cutting them at various lengths so they looked staggered, and fixed them to the top of the brick wall with three posts and steel roof hangers to hold the posts in place.

The result is so so cool!  Much better than the standard garden fence and I get to have the top of the wall to place pots and lanterns – oh and use the scaffolding as a backdrop in many photographs to come!

scaffold fence littlegreenshed garden

Today is project build day.  The black Coroline roofing sheets have arrived and we are fixing those to the sides of the shed.  Inspiration for using this product came from our visit in October to the Chicken Shed.  The architects who designed this beautiful barn conversion, used this corrugated fabric to cover one side of the barn.  Genius.  Fingers crossed it will look cool here too.

coroline black shed

More updates to follow…

You can follow our garden makeover journey on twitter using the hashtag #lgsgardenmakeover


Collaboration Note:  B&Q are kindly providing us with the building materials to makeover our garden.  All words, thoughts and opinions are my own.  Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible.

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