International women’s day…


Today is International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. IWD is for all, men and women – a chance for us all to bring a world of equality and recognition for women.

I want to celebrate those women in my life who have inspired me, who have made me the human I am today.  When I started SISTERHOOD last year, I wanted to provide a safe place for women to feel nurtured. To offer a hand of support and encouragement – a space in which women can grow, feel relaxed and allow themselves to be nurtured and respected among their peers.

sisterhood camp littlegreenshed

SISTERHOOD is a fast growing community of creative women, who are there for each other on a professional and personal level.  To offer advice, tuition, a hand up and emotional support.  The original SISTERS have collaborated on projects as a whole and individually and believe in the sense of community.

I know that this way of working is the future for women, a network of great creative people, all working together to make sure each other has the tools they need to make it in life, whatever their profession may be.  We are all in it together, the power of the group.

SISTERHOOD is not an exclusive club, nor is it a weird witches cult, it is for all, for all walks of life and for all ages.  Whether you are a brilliant photographer with hundreds of thousands of instagram followers or are someone who aspires to celebrate your daily life with your family – SISTERHOOD is for you.

In honour of International Women’s Day I want to celebrate my SISTERHOOD, you brave, brilliantly creative, awesome women – I am so thankful I have you all in my life.

International women’s day is wanting to accelerate gender parity. Leaders across the world are pledging to take action as champions of gender parity.  You can too by taking the pledge.