Review // Test driving the Peugeot 2008…

Peugeot review littlegreenshed

During half term (yes I am very behind in writing this post, sorry!), we were invited to test drive the new Peugeot 2008.

Peugeot, market the 2008 as a ‘crossover’ – meaning it’s a hatchback run around / family SUV. And it is just that.  I instantly loved driving it, nipping around Bristol to yoga or grocery shopping I felt that I could go anywhere and do anything.  Our family car is a large estate, which means parking can sometimes be a pain, driving around for ages to find somewhere large enough for us.  I found that parking in the City in the 2008, was a breeze. Small space? – yep I’ll have you.

Peugeot review littlegreenshed

I felt cool!  Can a car actually make me feel cool?  Well this one did.  Leather seats, chrome trim and bright red – who have I become?  A car to really rock up to meetings in – instead of our clapped out banger!

So, I discovered that the Peugeot 2008, was perfect for City life, so how would it fair taking us all on a mini break to the beach?  We really wanted to put this new crossover vehicle to the test, so we loaded up the surprisingly large boot and took it down to Cornwall for a few days.

Bristol to Newquay in our own car is fairly mundane, chugging down the M5, it usually takes about three hours, but feels more like five!  It’s dull.  But, in the Peugeot, the car seemed to eat up the road, nippy, smooth and importantly with masses of ‘in-car’ functions that kept us entertained.

Bluetooth and DAB radio had us listening to podcasts, nature documentaries and science shows.  The kids asking questions about the stars and space exploration.  Learning from those few hours of podcasts on the ride down South, compared to their usual routine of head stuck into Minecraft.

Peugeot 2008 review littlegreenshed blog

In Cornwall we were staying in an apartment overlooking Fistral Beach. Little did we know that Storm Imogen was about to hit us.  What a beast. 90mph winds battered the coastline those few days, sand from the beach was thrown high into the air, covering local streets and businesses.  Roof tiles and debris flew around us.  Epic, scary and cool.

During the height of the storm we drove to Watergate Bay for lunch.  The 2008 took Storm Imogen in it’s stride.  The winds were so wild, we couldn’t even open the doors to get out!  This car maybe little, but oh does it stand up to the forces of wild weather.

Peugeot 2008 review littlegreenshed blog

I grew very attached to this lovely car over the two weeks of test driving her.  I kept saying to Dan, I wish it was mine.  A perfect ‘mum’ car, nippy, cute and can pack so much in.  Bikes, even our new bell tent (which we bought in Cornwall and drove home with it).  Brilliant car!

Collaboration Note:  Peugeot offered us to test drive the 2008.  All words, thoughts, and images are my own.  Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible.