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I need a complete style overhaul.  I caught a glimpse of myself through the eyes of a camera and didn’t like what I saw.  My skin looks tired, hair lack lustre and I’ve lost my glow.  Perhaps this is what happens to women of my age, 44, and looking a wreck?  I dunno, surely not.

I can’t get it out of my head.  I have lost my glow, I’ve lost my GLOW! It’s getting me down.  I know a good hair cut, and perhaps if I wear a little make-up it would help, and this is where my problem lies.  I am a 44 year old woman and I don’t know how to put make up on!  HELP!


Foundation always looks fake, full slap for the school run?  Seriously do I have to?  What does everyone else do?  A friend told me that BB cream is my friend – yet I still feel overly made up in it, perhaps I’m doing it wrong.

I don’t want to cover up, I want to glow from within.  The trouble is, I think I am still in my 30’s and could look like Jeanne Damas, I can still look like her right?  So here are my plans for reviving this tired out looking middle aged woman. (god I hate that phrase, middle aged).

1. Skin care.

I’ve just bought a Foreo Luna skin care device. I am hoping this little hand held kit will transform my grey tired skin.  I’ve recently been cleansing and oiling my skin daily using the Magic Organic green balm and aphrodite facial oil.  I shall report back soon on how my skin feels.

2. Nutrition.

I one of those people who eats too much bread. Toast gets me through the day, and I am supposed to be gluten free!  I am my own worse enemy.  I am going to feed myself right, veggies, green – get on the kale again.

3. Exercise.

Yoga and pilates make me feel amazing, but I need to get out of breath, so I’ve recently started HiiT (High Intensity Interval Training) – I hate it, but it works.

4. Make-up

I must admit I need some help with this one.  You tube is going to be my friend.  Help? What foundation / make-up do you use daily?

5.  Style muse.

I want to go through my wardrobe, and sell or charity things that just don’t work for me any more.  Channelling my inner Jeanne Damas, I want to look effortless in a pair of mom jeans and quilted jacket.  I want my wardrobe to be minimal, with some pretty key pieces. A mix of vintage and high street.

jeanne damas

Do you have a style muse?  Jeanne Damas is perfect in my eyes – pass the red lipstick.

Please note this post is not a product endorsement, I am genuinely interested in all of these.  Images are via my Jeanne Damas pin board – yes I am obsessed!

  • I adore jeanne check out this post about her makeup routine etc i’m only in my twenties however I recently went through a transformation of sorts where I subliminally let myself slide away leaving my hair oily for days and my skin exhausted looking I love looking to models and it girls for inspiration and can see how you might feel discouraged being older but i’ve found it helpful to try and remain true to yourself and dress as you please do what works for you, its very true that true beauty is internally manufactured!! best xx

  • If you feel you are too made up, you probably are.
    Not in terms of I would see you and think the same, just if you aren’t used to wearing make up a little can feel a lot.
    For years I was just a mascara and lip balm girl and I just gradually increased my efforts as I got more alone time in the bathroom.
    Wear as much as feels comfortable, I’ve literally only just started wearing lipstick and I’m almost 40.

  • I’m no guru but after reading about it on countless blogs I gave a Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo[+] face cream a go and can honestly say it’s a brilliant product. I found that after using it a while foundation / BB cream wasn’t so necessary! Remember it’s the end of a long old winter too, I’m sure your glow will be back come July! :)

    Charlie x |

  • I agree with so much of your post. I am 46 and feel the last few years have really taken a toll on my face though in reality maybe it is my careless sunbathing partying twenties catching up? I use little makeup , BB cream, concealer and mascara, so I am intrigued by the comments and advice. My under eyes are so dark (a family trait) that a the Ysl saleswoman wouldn’t sell me touche eclat! I am trying lots of fruit and water, and rosehip oil. Also a big fringe to hide my frown lines!

    • Same – Too much sunbathing without any sunscreen in my 20’s! What was I thinking! Never again. My skin feels so neglected. I’m going to share my findings on this skin care journey soon. x

  • Apologies for the double post, phone betrayed me again.
    As for make up the biggest tip I can give you is get some glow into your face.
    The biggest sign of ageing is the loss of glow, think about a twenty year olds skin it shines.
    I use ELF cosmetics, they have a set which has four highlighter colours, they feel like lip gloss. A little dabbed on the cheek bones, down the line of your nose, top of your lip, tiny amount on the chin and forehead. Also a tad under the arch of your eyebrow will instantly give you lift.
    Use a tiny amount and patted in with fingertips (rubbing anything into your skin foundation etc will mean it sits in the tiny cracks of your face making you look more wrinkled.)
    Build it up gently.
    Take it from one who went mental with it at a festival ( to be fair it was being applied in a tent with a torch) and looked as though I’d dipped my face in chip fat in all the pics.
    It can go under or over foundation, I’ve recently started to use a tiny amount of foundation as my skin tone is becoming more uneven, but again I use a tiny amount patted in with fingertips not rubbed in, sometimes with a tiny amount of powdered bronzer, light colour, on areas the sun would naturally brown, nose cheek bones forehead etc.
    Followed by black kohl eyeliner on top lid, two coats of mascara and sometimes lipstick.
    Often its just mascara and lip stick with a bit of highlighter, takes me 2 minutes.

    Oh and don’t wash your face as soon as you get out of bed, your skin builds up natural oils whilst you sleep that will nourish your face til you wash it. I wait as long as possible, wash with plain cold water followed by organic snail gel moisturiser.

    • Thank you for your comment! I’m learning how to do my makeup – I’m sure it will get quicker. Right now I’m worried I look overly made up!

  • I went through the exact same thing, I was wearing items of clothing that didn’t do me any justice mentally or physically.
    Then I decluttered.
    Clothes were first, anything I didn’t love regardless of value, emotionally or otherwise went.
    I cut my wardrobe down to fit in two drawers.
    I now buy key, quality pieces that can be dressed up or down dependant on the occasion and I wear them everyday, I keep nothing for best.
    This way I can update my wardrobe easily and guilt free as every item gets plenty of use.
    I’ve blogged about it and I also offer an organisation service, I am evangelical about how its changed my life.

  • Well, you barely look a day over 25 in your photos. I’m 51, and it is difficult to have a style as you get older. You know what suits you, so ignore fashion and go with that. As for glow, there’s nothing better than lots of sleep, almost impossible with children though. Perhaps Spring will cheer you up

  • I have never worn make up (except a little mascara and lip gloss for VERY special occasions!) but my tired eyes have been calling out for more the last few months. I use a really fine Maybelline mascara (I hate clumpy faux eyelashes mascara) and YSL Touché Eclat is amazing. You just use it under the eyes and round the nose/mouth – wherever it’s needed and it just reflects light. It’s expensive but worth it. Not a full face of slap! And a bright red lip is always good. I streamlined my wardrobe so much recently and feel ‘cooler’ (!!!) now, even at the park. I’m even starting to love the HIIT training…what happened to me?!! Can’t wait to capture the Glow in a few months xxx

  • I’ve tried a few different bases and the bare minerals complexion rescue is the best I’ve tried. Goes on smoothly and gives you glow! I found Bb creams too heavy too so this one is fab and has spf 30.

  • Oh Lou I could of written this post word for word what is it with being 44…I have always hated foundation and struggle with that too, my skincare routine features rose and frankincense heavily and I make my own nighttime face oil with rosehip oil and three essential oils rose damask, frankincense and tea tree (for those pesky breakouts) a year of plant based eating made me life threateningly ill so I’m eating organic meat, veggies, dairy and a few naughty bits and feel totally amazing as a fellow bread addict I can sympathise whole heartily with your struggle, I could polish off a loaf a day…home baked of course ;) but since knocking all grains and pulses on the head except occasional bowl of rice I’ve lost over 2 stone and am ready to roar everyday. So let’s make 44 Rock after all 50 is supposed to be the new 40 but the way I’m going I will be a little old lady before I know it …..xx

  • loving this, Jeanne oozes style…I’m feeling a bit the same and have even booked in my hair for friday! x

  • Oh I love this post because I’m right there with you (at 45 and feeling 20-ish) and have found so many luscious, sustainable makeup and skincare products that I’m bursting to share with you. Your skin will perk up in no time! Feel free to connect with me anywhere (blog, social media @saritacoren) and I’ll be happy to recommend good for you products from the inside out. My wheels are turning rapidly! Xo (Oh! And I don’t sell any, so this isn’t a cheap sales pitch.)

  • oh how i hear you!
    almost 44, knackered, vegan but the unhealthy 99% of the time kind, clothes old and hated and also zero clue on the make up……..
    i have been searcing for an animal friendly mascara for sensitive eyes as all that i have tried have made my eyes react horribly
    could it be that i use it SO little that my face is just going to reject all make up?
    i did hurl a bin bag of old clothes in to the clothes bin at the recycling place so a start has been made at least!
    i will follow your transformation closely :)

  • I love love love this post.
    I totally get this as a woman turning 44 this year. I visited the hair salon for the first time in 12 months a couple of weeks ago, I wanted a style that was effortless, that could still be tied back and help with the grey patches but nothing that required a trip to the salon every 6 weeks. I got exactly what I had asked for beautiful colour great cut and nothing that will require maintenance for at least 3 months. I can highly recommend Hair @ 58 on Cotham Hill.
    As for full make up, only if i’m meeting clients, otherwise I wear daily a little blusher, lipstick and curl my eyelashes (somedays I may add mascara). I’m able to do this because I look after my skin, Decleor is my new best friend, Jo and Ro on Decleor counter at John Lewis Cribbs really do know their stuff.
    Food I juice daily Ocado do brilliant frozen fruit and veg sachets that I add with apple juice to the nutri bullet then add all my supplements.
    Fashion – this is my biggest problem I’m plus size, now my definition of plus size is 22+ not your high street stores version of 16+. I know how I’d like to dress I just can’t find anywhere that sells what I want, so I’m very restricted and would love help. think white stuff/ mix of boden/seasalt and you got me!

  • Ooh I love the fur coat. And re lost glow- I’ve recently felt the same. I’m 34 but feel knackered because my two year old wriggles and calls out. All night. So I tried new skin care that ended up too strong and caused a kind of acne on my cheeks. So I’ve ditched the expensive stuff and gone back to simple. For me I can’t stand feeling like my skin is caked so I stick to concealer and a creamy blush. I like to channel aunt sally! Ps think I’m now a bit obsessed with Jeanne Dumas! Xx

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