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The back story of SISTERHOOD is very simple.  I needed to find my tribe, actually that isn’t entirely true.  I had found my tribe, I just wasn’t spending enough time with them.  Creative, talented women from all corners of the country – most of whom I knew through this blog, having worked together on projects or connected over Instagram – you know how it goes.

So SISTERHOOD 2015 was born out of wanting to gather my tribe in one place.  I yearned to have meaningful conversations that sparked ideas and collaborations. Devon 2015, we did just that and we still are.  Nearly a year on, the majority of the original 25 SISTERS speak regularly with each other, connect via social media and even collaborated on various projects.

It’s all good – better than that – it’s awesome.

So here we are – 2016.  The next retreat is two months away.  This past year has been a whirlwind of organisation, many emails, sleepless nights, organisation and blood, sweat and tears – and for what?  Millions?  Am I rich?


No.  I often get asked ‘Am I making money from this?’ er no?  Should I?  People seem to presume that because the tickets are costing x amount and there are 40 women coming this year – that that equals money in my pocket.  No no no!   SISTERHOOD is a passion project. Something that comes deeply from my heart.  It is pure, it is about finding my wild, it is about friendship, connection, and love.  Money doesn’t cover that.  All money from the tickets gets ploughed back in to provide the best weekend ever.

The SISTERS are a wonderful bunch of women, fiercely talented and wildly generous.  They all know that SISTERHOOD is a beautiful thing, it is about the spirit of collaboration, a unity and sharing of skills.  I am so grateful that these beautiful girls are sharing their gifts and collaborating with small workshops, flower arranging, a book club, social media and more… Without their generosity with their time and knowledge, SISTERHOOD wouldn’t be what it is – a place to learn and leave feeling inspired.

SISTERHOOD is a beautiful, gentle, child like baby of mine.  A passion that I must follow.  I know I shall never be rich with this one, in money terms anyway, but I shall be full of energy, love and creativity and that is a whole heap better.

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  • Is Sisterhood a camp for women mainly involved in photography/film/media, or is it open to all kinds of creative people? I am a writer (and trainee yoga teacher) and would dearly love to find my creative tribe, and this sounds amazing. I can see this May’s is sold out, but I’d definitely be keen on future ones…

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