Instagram // favourite images of March…


March on Instagram showed I have a love of blooms (alway!s), family adventures and peachy hues.  I hadn’t realised that I was drawn to peachy pink colours or that my Instagram images tend to echo this palette, until my pal Laura pointed it out to me.

So there you go – I’m just peachy!

Do you have a palette which is yours?  Are you drawn to colours and subjects on your instagram more than any other?  Are you fussed with curating an instagram feed that is consistent and beautiful? Or are you in the ‘can’t be arsed’ camp?

I truly believe that Instagram is fabulous artistic tool.  A place to curate the more beautiful and better parts of your life.  To showcase your photography, and to use it as an online portfolio.  An instant CV if you like.

Even if you don’t work within the photographic industry, Instagram is a powerful tool.  It can be used to really project your brand to potential employers and customers.  For example; a writer can show just how poetic their life can be, in sharing their inspirations, travel destinations, knitting projects etc.  A crafter can share working in progress, exhibitions and inspiration.

Instagram is not just for sharing your feet, food or kids playing in the park – it is that and more. I hope to share some inspiration and ways to really get the most out of Instagram soon.  If you’d like me to answer some questions you may have – please leave me a comment below.


  • Hi Lou, well you already know I am a big fan of your gorgeous shots! I was wondering what you use to make up your peachy grid – I guess an app?
    Thanks, Andrea x

  • Hi Lou! I’m just getting into blogging/photography and finding my feet at the moment. I adore your instagram and was wondering if you can recommended any books or articles on photography? And am currently saving for a camera – any advice for beginners? Love your blog and any info you have would be wonderful. Thanks Annie x

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