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Littlegreenshed Blog Lou Archell skin care routingLast month I had a mid-life crisis. Well not the kind of Porsche buying crisis, but a middle aged ‘skin looking shit’ kind of crisis. You may remember my post back in March when I cried about my grey skin and loosing my glow.

Well, a month on, and I have been complimented several times on how glowing my skin looks.  OMG, in a month I have gone from grey lady to glowing babe.  How?  Well, here is what I have discovered after watching many a You Tube video and reading this book.


Yeah, that old one.  Drink as much water as you can.  My skin is classed as ‘dehydrated’ which causes the grey tone to the skin.  Obviously by drinking water, this will help to combat the hydration and plump the skin.  Not to be confused with dry skin, dehydrated skin can be greasy.

 Cleansing – Morning

My usual routine was to shower in the morning, and use the drying shower gel ON MY FACE!  What was I thinking?  For years I’ve been using a tea tree shower gel to wash my face. No no no!  So I’ve started to use a cheap cream cleanser, the type you wash off, taking that in the shower to use on my face.  The result is that after showering my face doesn’t feel tight or in desperate need of a ‘drink’.

Cleansing – Evening

Evening is a little different.  I have more time to spend on my face and use a different method.  I recently got into using the Magic Organic Apothecary balm.  Running the tap and filling the sink with hotish water, I soak the flannel in it.  Lather the balm on my face and with the hot flannel wipe it away – removing all make-up.

Then, once the make-up has been removed, I put on some more of the balm, and then use my Foreo Luna on my face. The Foreo Luna gently pulsates and removes all dead skin and impurities from the skin.  Plus it massages and plumps the skin.  Flip the Luna over and then target the wrinkles with the anti-ageing side.

Finally I rinse the balm from my skin with cold water.


After watching Lisa Eldridge‘s You tube channel – she shared her top cleansing routine and sang the praises of this product, Paula’s Choice Anti-ageing treatment. This little tube is brilliant.  It contains AHA and Azelaic Acid which exfoliate the skin and rejuvenate it. Giving your glow back! After cleansing I use a tiny pea sized amount, smoothing that all over my face.

Morning – After that has sunk in, I use the Nivea Q10 serum pearls which contains Hylauronic acid which brightens the face.  Then on top of that I use a standard daily moisturiser with an SPF of 15.

Evening – As I have more time, I treat my face to the Aphrodite Facial oil by Magic Organic Apothecary.  This delicious rose scented oil has a handy pipette in the lid. One squeeze of that and I can smooth the oil over my face. Massaging it into the skin. I sleep like this, slightly oily and hope the cat doesn’t come for a cuddle in the night.

So that’s it.  My new skin care regime.  One month in and my skin feels brighter and healthier.  I don’t feel so old!

I’ll share my new make-up finds in another post.

Note – this post is in no way sponsored by any of the products listed here. These are items I am genuinely using and highly recommend.

  • Great post. I often wonder what other people use on their skin. I am desperately trying to get my own looking nice for my wedding in August, so far my redness has cleared up, but that could just be the disappearing winter! I am also guilty of micellar water to cleanse in the evenings. Our bathroom is currently paint central as we’re painting the entire upstairs and the sink has paintbrushes etc everywhere, not very conducive to a nice face wash of an evening! Thankfully we’re doing the bathroom next and I have a gloriously beautiful big sink we’re going to install so I am sure I won’t mind a more involved routine then!

    • I would try a foreo luna in the shower with a cream cleanser – its done wonders for my skin. Good luck with the DIY – I know how it feels – hellish! x

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