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Life Lately is a whirlwind. There can be days when Dan and I don’t talk apart from ‘you picking the kids up tonight’ kind of conversation. And I can’t believe it’s been a week since I have written on here. So sorry for going AWOL, life is certainly busy and only getting busier this coming month.

At the beginning of the year I made a promise to say YES to all things that made my heart fly. The result of that decision is that I am dashing around all over the place and fitting so much in.  Let me explain…

SISTERHOOD is taking up most of my time at the moment, with only a month to go I am fielding questions and sourcing products, materials and writing up workshops.  It’s a beautiful, creative and chaotic part of my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  SISTERHOOD this year is going to be so amazing.  The line-up and quality of the workshops plus the brilliant women who are coming – I can’t wait to share.

DIY – our court yard renovation is moving along.  Like all home renovations it takes time, a couple of hours here and there around our already packed schedule.  But the pavers are down (did you see on Snapchat?) and the shed has a roof.  I’ve been gathering plants and potting them up.  SOON I will be able to share it on here.

Travel – This month my travel trips are increasing.  Dan and I are off to the Cotswolds tonight with a Mr&Mrs Smith press trip, followed by a weekend in Cornwall for a Simple Things Magazine and This is Your Kingdom collaboration. Next week I’m off to London, the Malvern Show and then to a Shepherds Hut in Somerset.  These are only the first two weeks of May! HECTIC!

Family – Above all I am still a mum, and have two boys I need to feed, grow and support.  After school clubs, helping with homework, washing school uniforms – it is endless and a thankless task.  I must remember to read with them more! I’m so rubbish at that bit.

This isn’t a post about me glorifying ‘busy’, I am just trying to explain that I despite not writing on here as often as I would like, I am still beavering away in the background, and will share the news soon – if you are at all interested – perhaps you are not?  Let me know :)

Anyway – follow me on Snapchat and Instagram which I update daily.  And leave me a comment below to let me know you are there!

  • Hi Lou, I can certainly empathize with your busy life. Growing a family is exponential in the busyness stakes but all too soon it’s over and you wonder if you could have done things differently/ better/ or not at all. From my perspective (at the other end of all that) you are living with the best intentions and that’s all you can do. Life is amazing in hindsight but when you are immersed in it, there is no other view. Just be true to your own self and bless every day for what it brings. Carolyn x

  • I’m here! Just about to go and forage some flowers for tomorrow’s May Day posies xx

  • Yes – I’m loving your snaps on snapchat. The bath looks fab. Enjoy the next few days!

  • Totally understand how life can get a bit overwhelming – I thought I was busy being away nearly every weekend and bits in between, but wow, you are fitting a lot in!
    We are definitely all still interested (well, I suppose I can’t speak for others, but I am!) and excited to hear all about these adventures.
    Wish I could come for Sisterhood, sounds amazing, but right now all our money is going on house renovations and our wedding in the summer. Maybe next year! x

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