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So that’s the Easter holiday’s over. The boys have returned to school today and the house is quiet (nice though).  So what did we do with our two weeks?  Like most kids now a days, all my two want to do is play minecraft or watch ridiculous you tube videos, watching people play minecraft – I don’t get it.  But it’s not aimed at me is it?

So in an attempt to get them away from the screen I filled their days with day trips and holiday clubs, more on these later.  But first our trip to Oxford for the day.

littlegreenshed blog oxford travel guide

The last time I was in Oxford I was pregnant with Charlie, nearly 11 years ago!  Yeah I think I was overdue a visit.  This time to take the boys to visit the Natural History museum, stare at awe at the dinosaur skeletons and shrunken heads in the neighbouring Pitt Rivers Museum.

What a beautiful building! Glass atrium, Victorian architecture – forget the pre-historic creatures, I was in love with the details of the building.  So light and bright.  We spent ages looking at the dinosaurs, cuddling the black bear and marvelling at the geology, before wandering into the Pitt Rivers museum of anthropological discoveries.  Beaded necklaces sat beside buddahs and toys.  Such a contrast from the bright museum next door, the Pitt River is dark and atmospheric.

oxford littlegreens shed travel writer Bristol oxford littlegreens shed travel writer Bristol

Tummies rumbling we left the museum behind and wandered out into the City and discovered Turl Street Kitchen.  A pretty little cafe with an awesome tiled floor, good coffee too.  Look! I’m wearing my new Seven Boot Lane shoes.

oxford littlegreens shed travel writer Bristol

After lunch we found the Botanical Gardens.  A chance to escape the rain and totally fall in love with the glasshouses.  So humid, each glasshouses had plants dripping from the walls and ceiling.  In the large one, there was a raised pond, filled with flowering lilies and small fish.  Charlie instantly scooped up a fish, marvelling at the iridescent colours shimmering in the light.

littlegreenshed blog oxford travel guide

Glasshouses are my favourite.  The smell, earthy and rich.  Deep scented exotic plants flowering in vibrant almost artificial looking. Purple spikes alongside cascading heart shaped leaves.  Pure heaven for a plants women like me.

littlegreenshed blog oxford travel guide

littlegreenshed blog oxford travel guide

littlegreenshed blog oxford travel guide

Such a lovely day trip, to see fabulous architecture and culture.

P.s. I took loads of images on my DSLR – but for some reason I can’t get them off the memory card – so sorry for the phone pics.

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  • It looks as though you enjoyed Oxford, I moved here about 12 years ago & love it! The Natural History Musuem is my favourite place to hang out here, glad you all had fun!

  • I love your verbal descriptions of the earth and plants. You make it live in the very best way

  • We visited the Natural History Museum and the Piitt Rivers Museum last summer on a day trip to Oxford. I raved over the Victorian building and it’s fabulous ironwork too!
    Our restaurant visit was to the Grand Cafe ( – the site of the oldest coffee shop in England, according to Samuel Pepys. Highly recommended for afternoon tea!
    A really lovely and entertaining day out – for you, and for us.

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