Simple Style // Timeless classics – Grey sweatshirt…

grey sweatshirt timeless classic

There something so wonderful about a simple grey sweatshirt, to me it’s a timeless classic. It goes with everything, dress down with slouchy jeans and trainers or dress it up with a statement pair of heels and fancy skirt.  It suits everyone, from kids to even your Dad. A grey sweatshirt is a wardrobe staple that everyone should own.

My old sweatshirt had seen better days, a large oil stain had appeared right in the centre (note to self; wear an apron whilst preparing our supper!).  So during my wardrobe de-cluttering binge a few months ago, I threw it out. Gone, without a moments thought, until now.

It’s Spring, although this week I don’t think the weather got that memo. Heavy coats have gone back into storage and in their place a welcome return to light layers, although it is still a bit cold.

So picture it, there I am searching for my trusty grey sweatshirt, you know the one that goes over my breton and jeans, or denim skirt and pumps – err where is it?? Oh yeah!


Ah well, a chance for me to buy a new one.  Here are some of my favourite grey sweatshirts that are on the high street:

grey sweatshirt round upRight:  ASOS £14.99 / Boden £18.34 / Hush £30

So what did I choose?

The first one from ASOS.  I think the splits at the side are really great, and it will over a dress nicely.

Top image via The Selby.