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How times have changed. Once a mere sleepy fishing village back in the 1960s, Benidorm has since exploded into a destination par excellence for families. The warm weather and the sandy beaches have tourists all over making a beeline for the sunny shores. Here are some must-visit sites that will allow you and your family to have the perfect holiday while you’re out there.

Terra Natura

Terra Natura is a wildlife and water theme park which prides itself on its new concept of ‘zooimmersión’ which recreates the natural habitat of animals but also lets the public get up close to them at the same time while protected by an invisible barrier. Divided into four different zones — EuropaAméricaAsia and Pangea — you’ll see cute colourful creatures, such as toucans; cats that command respect, like jaguars; animals as deadly as they are elegant, snakes for instance; and animals that are just plain awesome, like elephants!


This animal park specialises in showcasing marine life. You can have your photo taken with sea lions and swim with dolphins (and also have your photo taken as well while you’re doing it, of course!). You’ll get an insight into what it’s like to care for these animals from day to day. A visit to Mundomar is unforgettable. Make sure you have those photos taken.

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The Algar Falls

The Algar Falls are one of the best trips you’ll ever go on. The falls are located roughly 15 kilometres outside of Benidorm and the admission fee is a small price to pay for this beautiful feat of nature. Bring some good shoes, since it can get slippery in places, and some swimming gear — bathing in the falls is invigorating. The footpath from the wooden structure containing the souvenir shop and cafeteria will lead you from cascade to cascade and is some 1.5 kilometres long.

The Canelobre Caves

Half an hour from Benidorm by car — so you don’t have to make major preparations for road tripping with the kids — are the Canelobre Caves, next to the village of Buset. These large, deep caves dazzle holidaymakers, who travel down the 141 steps and into the vault to marvel at the stalagmites and stalactites. Some nifty lighting adds to the effect of the caves and highlights some of the shapes of the rocks, such as the jellyfish and the dragon’s head. The acoustics in the caves are also good and sometimes you’ll see bands performing here. If you get the opportunity, grab a ticket. You’re in for a treat.

With places like to visit, not to mention the ever popular beaches, you can’t fail to get the best out of your family holidays in Benidorm. You’ll have the kids tugging on your skirt to go back, and you yourself will also find it hard to drag yourself away!

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  • The Algar Falls look breathtaking, I never knew such beauty existed in Benidorm., or just outside Benidorm should I say.

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