Travel // Dimpsey Shepherds Hut, Blackdown Hills…

Lou Archell Dimpsey Glamping May 2016-7The Dimpsey is unlike any ‘glamping’ site I have ever stayed at.  Most shepherds huts that are set up for a weekend retreat tend to have a minimal look, just the bed and a log burner with little ‘mod cons’ inside. Don’t get me wrong I do like minimal, but sometimes an en-suite is was what I really need when it comes to holidaying in a field.

The Dimpsey has it all. Beautiful location, set on a working small holding in the  rolling Blackdown hills on the Somerset/Devon border. Not just the views of rolling hills and woolly sheep, the hut itself is a gem.

Lou Archell Dimpsey Glamping May 2016-3 Lou Archell Dimpsey Glamping May 2016-2 Lou Archell Dimpsey Glamping May 2016Stepping inside, the boys got there first, I heard wow! look at this! and ‘oh! there’s cake!’ – shouting out ‘Mum we love it!’ – high praise indeed.  Walking up the steps I saw what they meant, the hut is filled to the brim with quirky finds.  Vintage books about the local area, carefully sourced products from artisans, mugs, blankets and cushions. Every wall, shelf, basket was filled with pretty, vintage things. It felt like stepping into an Enid Blyton book.

sisterhood 2016 manorafon-16 sisterhood 2016 manorafon-15Dan and I had decided on the way down to The Dimpsey that we would use this time properly chill.  No leaving the hut, just good food cooked outside, bat watching, walking the local area, and enjoy the place. And that is exactly what we did.

Arriving late on Friday night, Dan immediately lit the fire pit, and we cooked the farms own made sausages and burgers on the flames. YUM! In fact we actually had a little meltdown as someone (naming no child in particular) had one more sausage than the other!

sisterhood 2016 manorafon-13That evening, with a Gin and tonic in hand, we listened to the owls fly around us and bats swoop above our heads.  Bedtime came, and we finally discovered how this cute little hut slept four people.  Above the bench on one side opposite the kitchen, the second bunk pulled down, a hidden ladder fix to the side making a secure upper bunk, and the bench became the lower.  The boys were delighted to find a secret ‘hot chocolate corner’ hidden in a cubby hole, we all the ingredients for a late night feast.  Hot chocolate and mini marshmallows. Heaven!

The double, was accessed by a leather strap which hung above the dining table.   The table lowered and the bed rested on top – thankfully already made, ready for us to jump straight in.

Lou Archell Dimpsey Glamping May 2016-16

The following morning, we woke to the sound of rain on the tin roof. So cosy were we in bed, that I slipped into the kitchenette to make a cup of tea.  Soon we were cooking bacon sandwiches on the small hob inside the hut (no going outside to the fire in the rain).

Lou Archell Dimpsey Glamping May 2016-13Deciding to wait the rain out, we read the many independent magazines in the hut, drew plans for computer games (the boys) and drank endless cups of tea, until the rain stopped.  Stepping outside we wandered the farm fields and lanes, playing on the old farm tractor and saying hi to the Alpaca ‘Hugh’.

The Dimpsey has it all; beautiful quirky vintage interior, with an en-suite shower room and FLUSHING LOO! Room for a family of four, but honestly do go as a couple, I think you would love the chance to chill. Outside there is the Blackdown Hills to explore, plus the farm and fields surrounding.

We found it so relaxing and hope to return sometime soon!


If you wish to book The Dimpsey please have a look at available dates on their website – oh and say hi to Emma for me.