Here & Now…

La Maison Riad Marrakesh Lou Archell

I know, I know! I’ve only just returned from a week in Marrakesh, BUT…..

But, right now, I wanna be lying by this pool, feet skimming the surface of the water as I sip a cool lemon & mint juice.  I want to feel the heat of the Mediterranean sun on my back as I read a few chapters from my book.

I’m not fussy about which country I am in, or where this pool is. It’s the mood and feeling that I crave. ALONE.

I’ll tell you why, rain, tantrums, flea’s and endless work.  That is why.  I’ve been bitten to death by Obi’s fleas – bloody animal. Rufus is wanting to row with us over EVERYTHING! And what is with this weather? I know it is typical June weather, as Glastonbury festival is next week so it is bound to rain, it’s the unwritten law!

But oh! I tell you, I want to disappear.

So yes, this pool. Here and now – please!

p.s. if anyone wants to send me on a spa break for the day, this too would be awesome! Joking! Or not.