June – has the scent of roses…

Lou Archell Back Yard May 2016-6

Summer days, remind me of making ‘perfume’ from roses in my Nana’s garden. Walking around her flower beds, picking petals and making a floral stew in a bucket of water. My Nan, who loved to garden, would always ask me to use the petals from the roses that had fallen on the floor, never to pick the actual blooms.

But the eight year old me, wouldn’t listen, and when my parents and Nana had their backs turned, I would grab handfuls of her red or yellow roses to fill my petalled potion.

The floral stew, would be stirred dramatically, explaining the smells and then bottling the scent up in jam jars as gifts for my family.

June is rose scented.  Petals cover the floor, roses climb high. I adore it so.  In my own garden I have two blush pink rose bushes, I long to have more.  A white rambling rose to climb up over our black shed, and perhaps a rich blousy pink to climb up the front of our house.

Join me this month with my seasonal hashtag #rosesaroundmyhood. Upload images of roses you discover on your daily travels, onto Instagram.  Have a look at the past few years for inspiration.

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Do you have roses in your garden? What colour, variety do you have? I want to discover more!