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Lou Archell SISTERHOOD May 2016-20

Time for another instalment of the SISTERHOOD weekend.  You may remember in my last post, last week, I left you hanging after the amazing floral workshop with Erin.  So after we had arranged, adorned and had a blissful few hours playing with British grown blooms, we headed to the warm inside and a session with Sas Petherick.

I couldn’t believe it when Sas emailed me to offer a workshop for SISTERHOOD. I had heard about her amazing workshops through other blogging friends and to have her sharing her knowledge, well, I couldn’t have been more delighted.

Lou Archell SISTERHOOD May 2016-16

So there we were 40 or so women, all huddled in the stable. The rain beating down on the tin roof above, and the log burner gently warming us through.  Sas was seated on the floor next to the fire, and asked us all to come in and sit, removing our wellies to feel grounded.

Her workshop was a guidance on finding our true No and Yes.  To listen to our inner voice and recognise the signs of when our body was communicating with us. With our eyes closed Sas allowed us the space to relax and to think about something that made us really sad.  She then asked us how we felt, how our body felt when we thought about the sadness.  It had a profound effect on most of us, with several of the group brought to tears.

Then she got us to think about a positive experience. Something that made us extremely happy.  The difference was immense.  For me, personally, my NO (the sadness) was a deep purple bruise, this colour kept appearing in my mind.  And my YES (the happy) was shining golden yellow.

Opening our eyes we could see that this workshop had connected us all. Beyond measure, little did we know that this was the true start of our sisterly bonding experience.  Sas’ workshop was a perfectly relaxed way to move into lunch.

Sisterhood camp fire shakshuka

Sisterhood camp fire shakshuka

Lunch was cooked for us by Elinor Hill of Beach Hut Cook.  Originally we had planned for this to be on the beach, but as the weather was terrible that morning, we changed the location to the fire pit at Manorafon.

Elinor took us through the basics on how to cook on an open fire, using the tripod and cast iron pot.  She stirred the onions, garlic and red peppers over the flames, as the SISTERS watched and asked questions.  Next adding tinned tomatoes, spices and honey. With a final flourish of eggs on the top.  The smell was incredible, and cooked next to no time. For the full recipe of the Shakshuka, check out Elinor’s blog post.

sisterhood camp pebble painting

Whilst it was cooking, Emma Pritchard, ran a small pebble painting workshop inside the stable.  She had earlier gathered pretty flat pebbles from the local Penbryn beach, for the SISTERS to paint beautiful designs as keepsakes from their weekend.  I only wish I had taken a photo of them painting away, such a relaxing sight, but you can see a glimpse of some on the group instagram feed #sisterhoodcamp2016

Lou Archell SISTERHOOD May 2016-6

And for those who weren’t immersed in painting, or had finished, we then were treated to a cocktail masterclass with Elinor.  First up a Lemon and Thyme Soda Mocktail, followed by a Rhubarb and Tarragon Gin cocktail. Cor they were delicious and set us all on a real high before the food came round.

Lou Archell SISTERHOOD May 2016-10 Lou Archell SISTERHOOD May 2016-9

As it was just a ‘taster’ of the shaksuka, Elinor also made a deeply spiced lentil salad and marinated olives, alongside fresh rustic bread and hummus.  The whole meal was a triumph, delicious and thoroughly polished off.

After lunch was more craft workshops, followed by feasting and camp fire shenanigans. But I share all of that in another post! I know, I know – but will just have to wait!

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