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Opheieskitchenbook craft the life instagram favourite

Each month I love to share with you my favourite Instagram account.  So last month (June) I was all over this one:  @ophelieskitchenbook.  Yes, it’s another French Instagram feed, I am obsessed, and I don’t see my love affair with the Parisian’s fading any time soon.

What I love in particular about Ophelie’s feed is the richness of colour, the dark contrasts and of course all of the food styling shots.  In a world of ‘curated’ feeds, her account looks carefree and natural, with little worry about too many flat lays or should I iron my table cloth.  There is a simple free quality to her images that I adore.

Opheieskitchenbook craft the life instagram favourite

Take this shot for example. I would have faffed about with that table cloth for ages, trying to get rid of the fold mark. But no – just take the bloody shot! It’s beautiful and it works.

Opheieskitchenbook craft the life instagram favourite

Angles – this shot of the coffee at a Parisian street cafe is at an angle that I would never shoot at.  It’s jaunty, and I like it.  I feel like I want to sit down to drink and watch the world go by.

Opheieskitchenbook craft the life instagram favouriteOpheieskitchenbook craft the life instagram favourite

And then there are the shop fronts! My heart! Oh I want to photograph these, enter the door (hopefully has a bell) and then spend ages observing everything.

Paris has my heart – although I have never been. But through the pictures of Ophelie’s account I feel I am there.

Instagram @ophelieskitchenbook


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