Seasonal Rituals // A BBQ in the roses…

Lou Archell July front garden 2016-5

This weekend, in between the usual Saturday cleaning, clearing, homework and DIY – we managed to escape the house and spend a few hours in the nearby Ashton Court Estate. A chance to blow away the cobwebs and cook our supper outside.

A few years back I won a Weber portable BBQ in a photography competition – random but true.  The Weber is brilliant for packing up and taking out to cook whenever the mood takes us.   Like last Saturday, the mood took us – an impromptu late evening bbq.

Lou Archell July front garden 2016-7 Lou Archell July front garden 2016-19My ‘go to’ recipe for the grill is homemade burgers.  Really simple.  Just minced beef, one egg, breadcrumbs and fresh marjoram – mixed together to form patties, and simply grilled.  We love brioche buns, toasted – with loads of ketchup and salsa. Delicious.  The boys devour them, happily.

Lou Archell July front garden 2016-10

I love the rose garden at the Estate, just above it is a flat area of lawn, perfectly hidden away from the main route the dog walkers and runners use during their evening exercise.  This area is flat and sheltered, so we can play a game of Frisbee or roll around the lawn.

Lou Archell July front garden 2016-6Lou Archell July front garden 2016-8

Late June / early July is the best time for the rose garden… everything is blooming. The scent in the early evening is intoxicating.  We have been coming here every summer for years, and as a family we always walk around discussing which rose smells the best and which would we have in our own garden.  It’s one of those Seasonal Rituals we do.

Lou Archell July front garden 2016-3Lou Archell July front garden 2016-15

Lou Archell July front garden 2016-17

Lou Archell July front garden 2016-11
Shirt via Boden
Lou Archell July front garden 2016-12
Top & Jeans via Boden

Lou Archell July front garden 2016-13

Full tummies, the boys rolled around the grass, playing hide and seek and practising their Kung Fu moves.  Whilst I played with my camera and Dan tended the fire.  Days like these are pretty awesome – Summer, when you are here you are most welcome.

Disclaimer:  It wasn’t all perfect. Rufus refused to help us find fire wood. Charlie needed the loo the entire time and Dan and I got cross! But it looks pretty in the pictures!