ou Archell SISTERHOOD May 2016-17 1000Following on from my previous two blog posts on SISTERHOOD, it’s time to catch up on another instalment, this time the afternoon adventures in craft and beach-side frolics.

After our amazing lunch, cooked over a fire by Elinor Hill, we all needed time to sit and learn a new skill, in the guise of carpentry and ceramics.  The carpentry was lead by newly skilled in wood craft, Karen Baldry, who over the past year has been learning how to become a carpenter. Karen’s workshop taught the sisters how to make a wooden lap loom.

Lou Archell SISTERHOOD May 2016-12 1000

Lou Archell SISTERHOOD May 2016-11 1000

Sawing, drilling, hammering – a cacophony of noise.  The SISTERS taking part were loving using power tools and really getting stuck into the design and craft of their making.  The chatter and their faces of wonder was a sight to be seen.

Meanwhile, inside the stable, all was calm.  Katie Robbins (aka The Ceramic Magpie) was gently teaching another group of SISTERS how to make ceramic decorations, using natural objects to make in prints into the clay. Sadly I didn’t take a photo of their creativity – I was busy making ivy garlands for the supper. Sorry Katie!

sisterhood 2016 manorafon-28

Those Sisters who weren’t taking part in the workshops, milled around chatting, watching the creativity or making their own collaborations.  Styling shoots, making mini movies and inspiring one another.  The hub bub of it all, laughter, hammering, gentle conversations and then CAKE.  The best kind of cake, pink frosting with strawberries. That cake couldn’t have come at a better time.

Lou Archell SISTERHOOD May 2016-18 1000

Workshops over, we all wandered the pretty lanes to the beach, snatching up a Welsh blanket as we left. All eager to photograph each other on that beautiful sandy shore.

You can see all the wonder and beauty of the weekend by watching this beautiful film, made for us all by the talented Xanthe Berkeley.

My final post, next week, I shall share our Saturday night supper. It was so so beautiful and it deserves it’s own post.

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