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Landing, I was hit full blast with scent and heat of this ancient City. All feelings of apprehension faded as I walk the medieval medina with Emma, in search of her apartment. It was late, dark, but the souk was alive, full of busy, crazy, manic.

I had always longed to visit this place, many moons ago when I was a young traveller, it was on my never ending list of places to explore, but never managed to find my way there, until now. Now as I took my first steps on those dusty pink coloured streets, I felt alive, young again, remembering that girl who explored the world – alone.

Marrakesh, bit hard. It has a strangle around my heart.  I am desperate to return, wanting to take the boys to see and taste all that I saw.  I hope that these few posts will show you how amazingly vibrant this place is, and so, in turn you too will want to explore it, just as I have.  More details on how you can at the bottom of this post.  But for now let me start with The Beldi.

We spent our first full day at The Beldi Country Club and Spa, a truly indulgent way to gently immerse one’s self into ‘Kesh life.  A short taxi ride out of the City and you enter a world of beauty, landscaped gardens, pavilions with Berber decor, grasses waving in the mild breeze and pools to dive into forever.

I think I may have nearly cried when I saw the pool. Oh, that pool. Truly the best pool one could wish for, cool, infinite and glassy.  I dipped and stayed for hours in it’s waters, the heat on my back and watched sparrows fly down to drink the water.

Slipping in and out of a snooze, dipping in and out of the pool, drinking cool beer – it was a hard life.  Really I was working honest! The Beldi is not only a beautiful hotel and spa (which you can use, like us for the day for about £25) it also is home for many artisans.  Namely the famous Beldi glasses which you can see I bought some here.  There are also bakers, potters and weavers – with shops in site so you can buy their beautiful products directly from them.

I think I could have stayed there at The Beldi forever, and one day I hope to return to stay there properly – endless days in that pool.  Oh the dream!

  • Enjoy the holidays, Lou! I’m looking forward to seeing photos from your trip to Provence, it’s a beautiful place. Top Tanzanite Blog

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