Travel // 7 Things you must do on a first trip to Barcelona…

unsplash barcelonaYour first trip to Barcelona should be filled with fun, food and sightseeing. As a city filled with art and history, Barcelona holidays are extremely inspiring. If you’re in need of a little inspiration, or just some good food and drinks, then expand your horizons and start thinking about your next getaway.

Experience the genius of Casa Battló

This magical building is the brainchild of famous architect Antoni Gaudí and is a must-visit for first time visitors to Barcelona. After rubbing your eyes to make sure you’re not dreaming, take a look around the wonderful Casa Battló and be treated to numerous colourful delights. Make your way up its strange stairways to see the bright stain glass windows from the inside and gain a fabulous new perspective of Barcelona.

Tour Camp Nou

Does looking around Barcelona’s famous Camp Nou stadium, peeking in the players’ lockers and taking a pitch-side seat in the manager’s chair sound like your ideal day? Then take a two-hour tour of the renowned stadium, the perfect afternoon for any football lover.

unsplash park guell

Look over Barcelona at Park Güell

Some of the best views of Barcelona and its landscape can be seen from Park Güell. Explore the park a little and you’ll also see more of Barcelona’s famous architecture, as well as plenty of mosaic art.

Wander down Las Ramblas

Marvel at the talent on show on the cobbles of Barcelona’s most famous street, Las Ramblas. Spot street artists, human statues and market stalls full to the brim with everything from food to flowers. Make your way down to the sea and be greeted by a stunning harbour view.

Get off the beaten path

Slip down one of Barcelona’s many narrow neighbourhood streets and take some time to look up and admire the locals’ efforts to make their small balconies look beautiful. Surrounded by colourful plants, washing and even fairy lights, these decorated balconies are Barcelona’s answer to traditional lawns and potted plants.

Visit Barcelona’s concert hall

Depending on your budget and time available, either take a guided tour or see a show at Barcelona’s mesmerising Palau de la Música Catalana. Adorned with sculptures, huge decorated arches and rose detailing on the ceiling, this concert hall is rightly an attraction in its own right.

Explore Gothic architecture in Granollers

Only twenty minutes away from Barcelona on the train, Granollers is well worth a visit. Skip Barcelona’s busy Gothic Quarter and, instead, visit the restored ancient hospital of Sant Domènec, now in use as a theatre, to see a true work of Gothic art.

Experiencing a city for the first time is always memorable, and if you make sure to visit all of these attractions while in Barcelona then you’ll already have seen the best of the best. Seek out some local restaurants and bars to make the experience extra special.

Images are via Unsplash.