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At the beginning of the Summer holidays I wrote down our Summer manifesto.  Looking back at it, we achieved most of those things, it was an epic summer.  But now, coming to the end of those few short weeks we have together as a family, I am feeling so distraught, a little anxious that Summer is coming to a close.

I am not coping at all well, tight chested and a little panicky about it all to be honest.  I want this feeling to go on forever, endless summer – we all want it right?

But, a chance encounter yesterday, with a dear friend and fellow SISTER, made me realise that Summer is just a feeling, and it shouldn’t just be consigned to the warmer months of the year.  NO! This feeling of well being of DOING, of LIVING THE LIFE, can be achieved all year round. With a bit of planning.

Autumn Manifesto 2016

So, it got me thinking. Each turn of the season I want to write down a little manifesto, a statement to myself, that these things can be done, life is for living – and I shall live it well.  Autumn is such a beautiful month to be outside, to relish that warm September sun, and that golden watery light. A photographers dream no?

I want to get fit, to start Yoga (again) but really get in to it, love it, learn from it. I want to forage, pickle and preserve those tastes of Summer. I want craft, create, learn new skills.  But not just me, the boys too. And Dan. Dan needs to become the master craftsman he has always wanted to be… now is that time.

So… this Autumn, we shall;

make something

do something

live for the now

craft the life


Will you join me?  Share your Autumn manifesto over on instagram with the hashtag #autumnmanifesto2016

I’d love to know what your plans are for keeping that feeling alive.

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