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This was my first visit to Brittany.  I had always thought of it as very ‘English’, ‘a bit like Cornwall’ everyone said to me.  And in parts that is true, rugged coastline, and great beaches – but at it’s heart Brittany is French, really French, and I love it for that.

Brittany is made up of smaller ‘regions’, a bit like counties in a larger county. Finistere reaches from the English channel in the north, curves around and ends up in the Bay of Biscay.  The two coastlines are completely different, the North is long expanses of beach on a grey turbulent sea, the south, small inlets meet large granite boulders and turquoise ocean.

Lou Archell France Bot Conan July 2016-29 Lou Archell France Bot Conan July 2016-7

Passing through most of the region, driving down from Roscoff and our first night in France, we entered Quimper (pronounced Kamper), for a pit stop to fill our bellies and discover the regions culture. Quimper at first seemed like a large town set around a river estuary, but on closer inspection we discovered a series of narrow pedestrian lanes, spiralling off of cobbled squares with medieval timber framed buildings.

The Cathedral in Quimper is beautiful. Each stained glass window is adorned with huge oil paintings depicting scenes from the bible, each figure wearing a golden halo. My two were fascinated by this, and asked many questions about the halo and why some people had them.

littlegreenshed quimper cathedral

Lou Archell France Bot Conan July 2016-8 Lou Archell France Bot Conan July 2016-9

My two boys, much like most kids of their age, would prefer jumping in and out of a pool all day to sightseeing around a busy town and looking at old paintings in a church. But they did find it fascinating, learning a little cultural history on the way to the beach.  But don’t worry, they were soon back on the hunt for Pokemon, as soon as we got outside!

Driving on towards our second night stay in France and to Bot Conan Lodges – we explored the coastline. Oh, this part of the world is beautiful, I fell in love with everywhere and everything. From the multitude of blooms that cloud around each road, to the pretty little villages with pale blue shutters. Heavenly.

Lou Archell France Bot Conan July 2016-94

Our second day in France, we woke to overcast skies and a little drizzly rain. So we decided to explore the nearby town of Concarneau.  We were supposed to be catching a boat to the paradise isles of Glénan, something I was really looking forward to, but Rufus woke with an ear ache, and our past experiences with this problem we knew that if we didn’t rest him, it would result in to a full blown infection.  So sadly, we cancelled our trip, and spent the morning eating good food bought from the market.

Lou Archell France Bot Conan July 2016-38

Fresh flat peaches, golden yellow tomatoes, sour dough rustic baguettes and soft goats cheese for lunch. I could have stayed and photographed the market all day. So much beauty.

Lou Archell France Bot Conan July 2016-36Lou Archell France Bot Conan July 2016-34 Lou Archell France Bot Conan July 2016-33

With our basket full of a French picnic lunch, we drove to the beach, Cap Coz, for a picnic on the sand. Day two of our French adventure, you were awesome.

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