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This weekend we drove back over the Severn Bridge to Wales – to a small boutique festival known as ‘The Big Cwtch’. Cwtch means hug in Welsh, and it really did feel like that – this festival is charming and delightful.  More like a village fete crossed with a garden party, it small and perfectly formed.


The Big Cwtch is a one day festival which raises money for a local charity called Ski4All Wales, a unique charitable organisation that enables adults with physical, visual and neurological disabilities to experience skiing as part of their rehabilitation programmes.

lou-archell-big-cwtch-september-2016lou-archell-big-cwtch-september-2016We arrived Saturday lunch time and was shown our bell tent for the night, a large 6 metre palace of a tent, with futon beds and bunting.  Dan was delighted he didn’t have to wrestle with our own bell tent, thanks to Cwtch Camping who kindly let us sleep in their beautiful glamping site.

Settling in, we wandered the fields surrounding the lake area, two main stages and a walled kids field with circus skills and archery.  Many many food stalls, the smell made us instantly hungry so we opted for a Caribbean curry from the guys at the Green Goat Cafe – curried goat and a vegetable chick pea and pumpkin option – served with rice and slaw. YUM.


The boys got stuck into all the fun and games, circus skills, archery and chalk carving.  Archery was a hit – the poor boy running the area had to ask us to leave as we shot arrow after arrow – saying it was time to let someone else have a go!  Opps!  We must make the boys their own bows!

lou-archell-big-cwtch-september-2016 lou-archell-big-cwtch-september-2016 lou-archell-big-cwtch-september-2016Mid-afternoon we saw the NomNoms chocolate pirate ship set sail on the lake, only to be sunk to the bottom by the naughty circus crew on the island.  All chocolate ‘ingots’ sank to the bottom without a trace, much to the disappointment of the chocolate hungry crowd.

lou-archell-big-cwtch-september-2016 lou-archell-big-cwtch-september-2016

Chocolate was definitely a theme, the boys supper was courtesy of NomNom and Llys Meddyg in the tipi tent.  Inspired by Roald Dahl, a chocolate fest that embraced mischief and mayhem.  The long tables were laid out with a forest of food, sausage trees, and hummus beach, with carrots and broccoli.  The final finale was an “edible beach table’ of mystical sea creatures, giant jelly fish, caramel rock pools, and edible sand.  The kids went wild with excitement, and sugar.  Diving in to a melted pool of chocolate, and eating pebbles, star fish and clams (all chocolate of course!).


That evening the mist descended on the festival, and the music picked up.  Gin cocktails were drank from the brilliant Ginhaus bar and large colourful balls floated in the lake.


The Big Cwtch is perfect for festival newbies, young families and for people who want to support a good cause.  A family feel, it is gentle and welcoming, and in a beautiful part of the world.

For more information on next years festival please visit their website.

The Big Cwtch




Collaboration Note:  Thank you to the Big Cwtch for inviting us to review the festival.  Thank you also to the Cwtch Glamping. Green Goat Kitchen, Shabbanackle, Ginhaus Deli and Bryn Farm BBQ for the tastiest breakfast! All words thoughts and images are my own.  

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