Seasonal Rituals // A Natural Autumn few favourites…

anatural_autumn littlegreenshed blog apples in a wire basketIt’s been a month since Laura and I launched our new autumnal hashtag – #anatural_autumn. We have seen mid September and beautiful blue skies give way to misty mornings, and the first frosts.  Oh Autumn, you are the darling of the seasons!

The hashtag, over on Instagram, has changed and developed as we have moved through the weeks… bright blue sunny skies, a faint touch of amber hues, to full on fallen red leaves and pumpkins filling the frame.

anatural_autumn littlegreenshed blog

There are now over 2,200 entries under this tag, and so many beautiful images, it is a feast for the eyes! With officially two more months of Autumn left, I am hoping to see the tag develop.  Gloved hands holding hot cocoa, woollen socks toasty feet by the fire, fir cone garlands, fireworks parties and halloween pumpkins.

Get out there and try to also capture the leaves, the dew on a cobweb, the frost on tall grasses.  Seed heads, piles of leaves, foggy lanes and log piles.

On December 21st, Winter Solstice, we shall officially move into Winter, and for this year our tag will end.  But, a chance to move into a new season, and a new hashtag, can you guess it?  More on that soon.

In the meantime, I want to thank my favourite images so far, see above:

Top row, from the left:

@remainsoftheday_ / @johnjuliandesign / @catebutler

Middle row, from the left:

@lattes_and_layers / @gertovka / @karenbhphotos

Bottom row, from the left:

@thesefourwallsblog / @haarkon_ / @Bristolparentingcafe