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I’ve not been one for wearing a hat.  The odd pom pom hat when the weather is freezing, and that’s about it. Until now.  I recently bought this hat from Zara. Two tone, felt, with a floppy brim.  Converted, kinda.  I think in the right situation, and in the right outfit it will look great – but I’m still feeling a bit self-conscious when I wear it.

fedora autumn style winter hats

I’ve been recently pinning images with beautiful women wearing Fedora’s. If only I could look as effortlessly cool as these babes.  Just look at her in the red trousers!

An autumn hat, fedora or not, is a must.  Wind swept hair, or made ‘fluffy’ from central heating is a no no.  No amount of conditioner will do.  Just grab a hat and you are off.  Braving the cold as you rush off to work or grab a coffee.

I’m still not convinced by mine.  Dan says kindly ‘perhaps it doesn’t go with that coat’? as I ask his opinion on it.  At the end of the day – you gotta go with your gut, and my gut says ‘this hat looks bloody daft’.  Perhaps I should have gone for a small, fixed brim, instead of the larger floppy one.  Maybe I should change my hat, and persevere.

Oh well, I did try.  If you fancy getting in on the fedora trend, I’ve put together a little shopping round up of colours and styles below.  For more Autumn/Winter style inspiration, please visit my pinboard.

Tell me, do you wear a hat in the winter months?  What do you wear?  Do you have a fedora?

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  • I saw this pic on instagram and thought how fab it looked on you! But I understand your fears. I used to have a grey felt cloche hat that I bought in New York. I loved it but never wore it as I felt silly and ended up selling it on eBay. I’ve been thinking about a floppy fedora for a while now though… might have to jump on the bandwagon. x

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