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The Pearl - Littlegreenshed blogIt’s officially cold.  Charlie is still pretending it’s summer and trying to go to school in just a t-shirt!  Hold up kid, it’s November!  I think we are all still in the summer mind set, not ready to give in to the coming cold weather.

What he needs is a snuggly new coat, that he will love wearing to school. Something cool, colourful and warm.

With this in mind, I’ve been trawling the web, looking for cool, colourful and warm coats for boys.  Sorry gals, but I have two boys, and don’t really peruse girls clothes… So if you have a boy, and are in need of some winter coat inspiration, then check out these….

6 best winter coats for boys

I love to dress my boys in a colourful winter coat.  The grey days of winter need a bright yellow puffer, and they love being happy and bright.  Also, for my sake, I can spot them in the distance, when in the park or running through the woods.

For a winter coat, I am looking for:

  • wearability, is it comfortable, do they like wearing it (a big one, no moaning please).
  • washability – can I chuck in the washing machine after it gets covered in mud
  • quality – no point buying a coat that’s going to give up in a couple of months
  • warmth – does it have a warm lining
  • price – nothing over £50 please

So here are the best of the bunch (in my opinion):

6 best winter coats for boys.

Clockwise from top left…

Green sherpa coat – £45 via Boden (Rufus has this one)

Pumpkin quilted jacket – £30 via Zara Kids (Charlie has this one)

Indigo Asgaard puffer  – £50 via Five Boys Clothing

Grey quilted puffer – £20 via Zara Kids

Fishermans Jacket – £45 via Boden

Green parker – £28 via Next

I hope you find something here for your boy.  In no way has this post been sponsored – it’s just me sharing my finds.

  • Love your finds, and totally agree that colourful winter coats are the way to go! My son has a bright orange parka, which I love, but his dad describes as his workman’s hi-vis!! :-)

  • Great choice of jackets – I would happily wear them myself! Still trying not to think of my 12 year old son who “lost” his brand new coat at school last term…

    • Oh god! That’s a nightmare! Charlie regularly ‘looses’ his, comes out of school saying he can’t find it. Then Rufus (his younger brother) comes out carrying it, saying he found it in the playground! Honestly! He’s done this 4 times now!

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